Stretch Stiff Shoulders and Chest (Do This Daily)

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This is one of my favorite mobility exercises to stretch out stiff shoulders and tight chest muscles. I’m using a resistance band and pulling it over my head. To get 3 exercises to correct your posture go here:

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Trevor Gillies says:

So simple! Why didn’t I know this already???

Lucid says:


guy says:

what do they call that stretch

Noah Rodriguez says:

how tf do you do that? My arms wont let me do that

Shanu Parashar says:

Name of this exercise plesaaseeeeee

Courtney du plooy says:

Great video thank you!

Harira Harira dahir says:

Can this stretch make your frame larger

triggeredsoles says:

great tutorial I like this movement as warm up/mobility although I probably am using too much intensity as I like to squeeze my shoulder blades together and open my chest without flaring. I appreciate the idea of lower intensity and increased frequency.

Deborah Hall says:

Great demonstration for stiff shoulders!

Nancy Garcia says:

so what do you call that band so i can buy one

Danielle Deutsch says:

For me it's hard to recognize when I'm shrugging the shoulders up but it seems that when I pull the band or strap apart so it's not loose in the middle then the shoulders can't shrug up easily…Is this right?

Kaysha says:

Thank you for this, and you're fnuny

twilite295 says:

I hear cracks in my shoulders when I do this, is that normal?

stan2098 says:

the elbow needed to be straight all the time?


I tried many times but my hands doesn't go back from front

kwl189 says:

Wow. I sleep on my left side but has experienced injuries to my left shoulder years ago. During lat pull downs, I would feel strain on my right side and my trainer told me to do some stretches with a band to loosen up that area to prevent further injuries. Doing this stretch (above) made my shoulder and arms crack a crazy amount. It is remarkable.

YOOAN Yuan Zhang says:

It’s painful but it works thanks!

MA says:

I couldn't do it at first but as you practice you become more lose, the first time you ever do it is a crazy experience if you haven't done mobility training before!

Honestly gio says:

Thx for explaining body mechanics and typing them out.

perfectlife4u music says:

I got rope, but u telling elastic is better. Ok

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