5 Knee Strengthening Exercises to Reduce Pain and Injury Risk

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Visit https://www.flippingfifty.com/better-knees-start for more tips on flipping 50 for a better second half. This video for Prime Women shares three exercises almost anyone can do and two standing exercises that round out this handful of pain-free knee exercises.

Ditch squats and lunges and still get safe, sane effective exercise! Get 5 short videos for 5 days including 2 cardio, 2 strength, and a recovery day with core.

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preeti kimothi says:

Your voice is very soothing

Kp Biswas says:


Nazmul Akondo says:

Thanks you very much 😊❤️💗

Mark Adrian Batulan says:

Nice video 👍💪 thankyou for sharing this helpful video i have a knee issues..

Semsem Zeyad says:

really great

Joyful 1964 says:

Just subscribed. Great excerise. I needed this. Thanks.

MrLemonbaby says:

Thank you, it was helpful.

Mm Delucia says:

I love this but can you make a video of actually doing a complete set? I know I have to do a certain number of sets a day, but I want to watch a video as I do my sets so I don't have to count how many I have done. If you make such a video, I will play it every day, and a lot of other people will, too.

Teresa Cristello says:

I just found you, the knee strengthening video at the beginning you mentioned an alternative to sitting on the floor THANK YOU SO MUCH. I've had 3 complete knee surgeries and can't get off the floor. I was so happy I wanted to cry. I'm so very thankful for you.

Sweet Music says:

Good morning mam , please show an exercise to low our belly tallow.

Usha Indukuri says:

Excellent 👌

Izhar Haque says:

Very, very helpful – Well explained – Thank you

Jasbir s says:

I am 67 year old runner, running 5k twice to thrice a week. I am sure these exercises will benefit me to be injury free

Barbara P says:

I have right knee pain stemming from weak glutes. The pain shows up when I stand from a seated position. I did 20 reps of each exercise 1/2 hr ago and so far I have no knee pain. Thank you. I’ll be doing these simple exercises every day.

Joe Smith says:

I've done a bunch of knee video workouts. This one worked the best. The first week I did this there was all sort of popping and snapping in the knees. But that stopped after about a week. I haven't really been able to run for a year. In a month, I think I will be able to. Yes, I will take it easy.

Reggie Sanders says:

This is very good. So, I’m of age but still very active, even competitive, in sports – cycling, basketball, tennis and running steps. I’m experiencing weakness in my left knee. Thank you for the simplicity of your workout.

Sumitra Yadav says:

Thanks ma'am for sharing.

vedanayaki rajasekaran says:

Just love your video and the excercise it will help with the knee pain 😀

manjunath rrr says:

That object which u kept under the knee, what is it’s name and where can we buy

kalpagam murali says:

Thank u v much mam i have alot of pain on knee so it is useful exercise to help me thank u again👌🙏

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