How to Stretch the Groin

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Groin stretching keeps the slender muscles of the groin and inner thigh from tearing or straining during sports and exercise. Learn how to do groin stretch exercises in this strength training video.


Dr shayan says:

When I kick higher sometime my right inguinal looks like pulled or stretched is this exercise will be helpful for me?

Dr shayan says:

If doing this pose make some mild pain in left knee but not in right knee. Is it something worrysome

michael koeller says:

Fightmaster Yoga Love this new practice Lesley! Congrats on all of your recent endeavors! ( ) You're my FAVORITE yoga teacher EVER! You totally rock. Peace.

Pearl Gulliver says:

Pushed my groins down and was in terrible pain for days. Should be done gradually and not forced.

TheMightyJacob418 says:

Thanks Helped alot i think i Hurt my Groin Muscle Pretty Bad did this and it helped alot

CriMSWoW says:

The point is not to inflict pain, but apply the slightest amount of leverage from the position to feel a slight burn on the inside of your thigh so you know the tension is being stretched to release. You do not want to over force it and injury yourself. I followed this with a psoas and Lower back stretch. Felt some amazing cracks in my spine and everything feels great now 🙂

constillustrus says:

love this maaam 🙂

thunderchundering says:

When I do this and push down with my elbows it feels like my hip is going to pop out and it hurts alot any idea why?

saman azarm says:

i liked the BMW I ad at the beginning better.

areallylongassname2 says:

Awww yeahhh

mark O'wolves says:

for how long should i hold the stretch?

Huzar1683 says:

Thankyou… good explanation of a stretch that everyone knows but nobody seems to do properly

Rachel Castilho Li says:

calf muscles! jesus!

KevinWood44 says:

I teach a stretch class and you have beautiful form…..Im in love lol

G A says:

@needlearmor her hotness.

Em Dee says:

see I stretched myself doing this.. this one caused more damage than good !

persistrich says:

Really good video, thank you 🙂

bhappy526 says:

It is too bad that the Title blocked the view of her pointing out where the groin muscles are.

Adam The Fisherman says:

I got groin strain again lol best start doing these 🙂

oluwakamau says:

it's a position in Jiu Jitsu from the bottom… look it up on youtube. it requires a lot of hip and groin flexibility.

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