Groin stretches – 6 ways to stretch adductors

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Groin stretches for a deep stretch into the adductors. Improve flexibility, use these stretches to add to your stretching routine and target the groin.

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Neil Beech says:

That was a good video

Rhodelie Timba says:

I'm soo happy that i see this video i do it one time to cure my groin problem alhamdullilah it's gone one time only for this legs stretching

Clive Warren says:

She's thicc <3

Zafar Iqbal says:


Tony Tiger says:

Thank You pretty Lady. What a cutie!

Warren Lange says:

Going on a horseback riding trip in Yellowstone national park, Wyoming USA. I was told this is key to a less painful ride after three days. Thank you and cheers.

Travelin' Art says:

I think that last one was more strengthening than stretching you think?

M H says:

She has a booty on her…..

Mohamed Abdullahi says:

Note we are not so flexible like you. You are using advanced level of stretching

Hassan Shehada says:

Need rest or not

kareem mohammed says:

pure dick tease! those stained ankle socks, feet, arms, legs, butt,Β yoga pants and body made my heart stop and almost cum in my pants!

Secret Squirrel says:

Stretch the groan so you can have that baby

Jazzyhaze says:

Could these exercised help with bow legs? Thanks

DeltaBravo8 says:

Really good – I have learnt some new stretches to hit my groins at different angles

Jacob Casas says:

I’d love to get behind that phat ass on the first stretch πŸ‘€

Pink Grey says:

Thanks so much. They really helped. Do u know how to stretch the gluteus. My bum muscle always hurts from all the sitting

VAIRAM says:


320speed says:

Thank you so much for this. Really does help. How long does it take for a groin strain to heal? or to start getting back at exercise like mma, football etc.

Christopher Deleo says:

you are beautiful honey oh my god and these stretches are awesome

504FIREBOY says:

Perfect Sex Position lmao

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