Groin Stretch Exercises and How to Avoid Groin Strains and Injuries

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Typically the strain will occur when the muscles of the groin are suddenly activated or as a result of over-training.

In many cases, trigger points will have developed over time as the body senses danger ahead. These latent trigger points may themselves become causal over time, as they tend to shorten and tighten the muscle.

In other cases, latent trigger points in the adductors will activate in response to an over-load or injury, as part of the body’s self-defence mechanism.

So it pays to keep your adductors well conditioned and, especially for athletes, not to take their hard working adductors for granted.

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Don te says:

I know that you’re watching this because of pe lessons

Overshare says:

Well, u should rotate int and ext the leg u are stretching, so u can improve the stretch from all aductores, and plz don't overstretch…

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