At Home Exercises for Seniors

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Are you looking to increase your level of physical activity without leaving the comfort of your home?

Moderate exercise is beneficial for people of all ages, including seniors. Follow these tips to stay healthy, active and independent! 💻 To learn more about Orthopedic ONE, visit our site at
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Gabriel J Marian says:

try this every day:

Cej Llc says:

exercise began about one minute 40 seconds into the clip

MsEllen Mellon says:

Wow, you barely moved and you're out of breath.

Elspeth Parris says:

I can't go for a thirty minute walk, my walking is limited to feet, not even metres. So I looked at the first exercise – and it would be completely impossible for me. So I gave up. I'm looking for some form of exercise that I can do.

Monica Voinea says:

Great video! Thank you! 🤗

Sk Dhade says:

Are you Senior? I am. What you do everyday ? this is what I am doing. do together.

Emira Millan says:

hey ,if anyone else wants to discover exercises for the elderly try Loctavan Senior Fitness Strategy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got excellent success with it.

Celine Raj says:

Very cool super semma

Jimmy Kishnani says:

Very nice
Thank you, I will do the exercises on a regular basis.
I used to do them But had stopped in between, I will do them 5 times a week.
Thanking you once again.

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