30 MINUTE WALKING WORKOUT | For Seniors and Beginners

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This 30-minute cardio walking workout will strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system while building strength in your body overall. The exercises are done in 30 second blocks with 15 seconds of rest. It’s about 2000 steps, more or less depending on your pace.

Perfect for seniors and beginners. This is one of our longer workouts so go at your pace, and rest if you need it.

Please make sure to warm up before the workout and cooldown afterwards.
Warm Up: https://bit.ly/2FuNHKk
Cooldown: https://bit.ly/37sgZoR

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Joni True says:

Omg your mother is soooo funny 😁 "keep up with me!" So funny!!

Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq. says:

Thank you both. Love the lower and easier approach for us elderly folks. However, I have some suggestions that you may wish to incorporate:
1. Have all or most of you videos be comprised of half walking and half other exercise. Walking only represents about 20 seconds per minute currently.
2. Please consider adding weights while walking. We elderly do need to build up musculature and bone strength. It will also slow you down a bit because of the weights.
3. For the next 30 minute video, I would suggest at least one or two exercises for balance. This is also critical for elderly folks.

Overall, keep up the good work. I think you will have lots of followers. There are many people who need a more gentle way to exercise.

Irma Gallagher says:


muhammad arshad says:

Love. I m 70. You are Gr8 motivator and coach. I ex with you for the last 10 days. Feeling good. Regards

Trish Whetzel says:

Great job ladies. Thank you πŸ’ͺ🏻

Nazareth Zeleke says:

How can I use the exersise by contunity from 1 to…..next……..

shar glickman says:

Love the step workout. It was great

Part Jeffersonn says:

Hi, ladies;
Thanks you, it’s so much fun to workout with you. I can take my time ,or l can moves fast if l wants to. LoveπŸ’•πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ

mercy ogele says:

We keep moving, no stopping.

Trish Whetzel says:

Love you guys.

Donna Smyth says:

You two are the BEST! I'm so glad a friend recommended you to me and I found you πŸ˜‰

Aparajita Mukherjee says:

Love this workout. But sometimes I feel like to have a new one of 30 mins for a change. So request you to add another 30 mins simple workout like this one. Thanks

Angela Reid says:

Hi from uk. Thanks for great workout. Love the pace and repetition. Your Mom reminds us to keep going whatever age.

Marilou Camacho says:

Yes I felt great I have done 2 of your workouts straight one the 45 minutes and this one! Bravo!

Yvonne Clevenger says:

How many steps is your workout for seniors/beginners video?

christine pease says:

still with you this one is great and can see and feel the change in my energy levels improving so much, Thank you girls have a beautiful week

Lizzie Valerio says:

Having so many back pains/issues I’m thankful to see your video! Allows me to be active and moving!!

Nebiha Ben Hamadi says:


Athalie Verrall says:

Thank you. I have been looking for this range of exercises for along time.

Tasneem Chowdhury says:

I love this video! How many steps do you think this workout covers?

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