Sciatica Relief With One Exercise

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Today’s video covers sciatica and the one exercise I find to be most helpful in terms of relieving pain, which is the sciatic nerve mobilization.

Sciatica most often describes symptoms that originate from the low back (lumbar spine) and radiate down the back of the leg. In more mild cases, pain, numbness and/or tingling sensations may only travel to the buttock and back of the thigh. As neural irritation increases, pain may then pass the knee and radiate into the calf, shin and foot.

When working to improve symptoms associated with sciatica, exercise should have the primary goal of decreasing neural irritation. When neural symptoms improve, pain will begin to leave the leg and move closer to the spine. This is referred to as the centralization phenomenon. On the flip side, if symptoms travel farther down the leg (peripheralization), then efforts should be made to identify activities that are worsening one’s state and modified appropriately.

Disclaimer: Please remember that my videos are not meant to serve as a replacement for actual care.  The exercises in my videos are intended to be educational and should not be taken as medical or health advice.  Please seek medical attention if you have any concerns about your individual needs.


neelam chopra says:

Hi , Dr. Tom i have sciatica pain. Numbness tingling and electric burning pain Dr. I watch your exercise video i Try to do exercise it helps thak you very much.

Truphena Ngaira says:

Do we have fully treatment for sciatica?

Truphena Ngaira says:

Thank you, am in pain for three months now, let me try this. 🙏

Farida Shaikh says:

Very nice Easy Thanks India Mumbai

Saraswati Devadasan says:

Thank you ❤️ sir

Jan Greig says:

Excellent suggestions.

Farida Bux says:

I have nerve pain in my upper calf and lower back ….cannot stand for too long
2 hour max …really struggling with pain for the past 4 years
will try these exercises …hope I get some relief …thank you for sharing

jasmeet singh says:

Hello Sir, whenever I bend down and rise again straight, there is a deep hip pain in my left hip, which goes slowly, can u please suggest what it can be, is it sciatica, I have a sitting job of 9 hrs, what to do

Nan's Global Kitchen says:

Thankyou for these stretches! I am suffering with this right now! I cannot walk properly for 1 month now and in pain everyday, like my flesh is riipped of the bones and burning all down the leg to the bottof my feet it is down the left leg! My right leg it tight and some burning at the bottom of foot. I am so scared. Doctor did not give any advise about this but give prescription for muscle relaxant that I took only 2 times because it is dropping my BP. I rather take naturlal remedies if I could! My achilles muscle is tight and hurts too. I think all this started from when I ran a 5K / 10 K its the worse pain ever! Can you tell me what else can I do to relieve all this? Thankyou in advance!

Noor Mughal says:


Ankita Sutariya says:

Can pregnant women do these exercises?

Spexxicc says:

Dr. Tom, would it be possible to make a video on hip stretches. I am in martial arts and can’t physically get my hips high enough during kicks. It is a deep hip socket pain. I am not sure if it’s a nerve problem, it just all feels rusty in the area.

skwar rawks says:

Hey Dr. Tom, is it possible for sciatica to radiate into the testicles?

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