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Achilles tendonitis treatment. If you’re getting frustrated with achilles tendinopathy that isn’t healing, with pain that isn’t getting better, you need to ask yourself whether your achilles pain is in the mid-portion of the tendon, or down near where the achilles tendon meets the heel bone (calcaneus). This kind of insertional achilles tendinopathy has to be treated slightly differently to the heel pain of mid-portion achilles injuries.

Specifically, with insertional achilles tendinopathy you need to avoid typical achilles tendonitis exercises such as eccentric heel drops off a step, where you drop your heel lower than the level of your toes and load into ankle dorsiflexion. Loaded dorsiflexion compresses the insertional portion of the achilles tendon, which could further irritate an already aggravated tendon, slow your rehab down, and postpone your return to running.



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➜ Calf, Achilles & Ankle Warm-up for Running: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxHwOAOi93A

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As an alternative exercise to heel drops for insertional achilles tendinopathy, try using the isometric hold exercise in this video as part of your achilles tendinopathy treatment regime.

Good luck! I’m sure this will help you recover from insertional achilles tendinopathy.

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ABOUT ME: I’m James Dunne, a runner, sports rehabilitation therapist (similar to physical therapist) and coach based in the UK (Norwich and London).

Since 2007 I’ve been working with athletes focusing specifically on helping distance runners and triathletes overcome injury and improve performance through developing their individual running technique.

Running biomechanics and physical therapy are real passions of mine. I love to help runners run strong and stay injury free.

WEBSITE: https://kinetic-revolution.com

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James Dunne says:

WATCH NEXT – Calf, Achilles & Ankle Warm-Up for Runners (try this before your next run): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxHwOAOi93A

Doomsdayking says:

Relly needed this thx I used to run a lot and it started hurting for no reason had pain for years

Shannon says:

Thank you James. I just tried and I felt like my foot was going to break so I could only manage 5 sets of 10 seconds. Is this bad or do I need to build my strength up? Thanks

Orazio Maione says:

I am suffering of this since January, after workouts with jumping rope. I did laser, ultrasounds, shock waves..

Orazio Maione says:

Thank you so much James. I have an inflammation to the sheath of the Achille’s. It’s about six months.
Do you could also meet people to better understand the situation?
I did eccentric stretching and it got worse. With your advices soon after the 10X30 seconds exercises I feel better. Do you suggest me to do them also more times in a day?

TheAireaidLord says:

the pain is so bad I can't stay balanced like that on the affected foot for more than 3 seconds

JojO says:

I have mid portion achilles pain for about a year now and heel drops have never helped me. Might try this and see how it goes

Joey Mitsch says:

I just started having pain two days ago. I have tryouts in 4 days. Is this something where I can do this exercise and it will feel better quickly?

Patrick says:

Thank you so much for this. My ankle issues have caused me so much grief for almost a year and was getting no where with eccentric drops. Legend

Andrew Stavrou says:

Hi. When you rise up can you suggest any cues like lifting the heel, or pushing up through balls etc? Having an issue feeling the calf muscle

kanki kan says:

thank you so much!!!

Marie -Luce Fortier says:

Thanks…less stress and this made an important difference in my recovery!!

DasGrantlock says:

So I can keep running while doing this. Just make sure I do a good warm up leading to the run.

Jennifer Rhoades says:

Thank you for this i will be adding this in daily again

Jennifer Rhoades says:

I can't stomach this pain any longer I got a foot brace I did therpy. It helped for a few weeks but it never went away. Im 45 and im walking like im 95 I hurt so badly after cleaning out my garage and basement on my weeks vacation I Litteraly cried last night and im usually pretty strong 😭😭😭💔

Gerard T says:

I tried all these different heel drop single leg protocols. My tendons just got worse and worse. The only thing that worked for me was using 2 leg calf raises on the calf raise machine twice a week, starting with a very light weight and Very very slowly increasing the weight/reps over time
(Single leg must have been too heavy for the tendon to handle and just made it inflamed)

Lili Matic says:

Hi James, thank you for this video 🙂 Any starter you would recommend for those unable to do this exercise ?

LearningArms says:

So one must strengthen their calves to get rid of and avoid insertional achilles paid?


The pain is so severe that I am not able to stand in that position please help me 🙏😔

KJ Archer says:

The only one that addresses the problems in having. Thank you.

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