How to Sleep with Sciatica | DO's and DONT's Explained

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Dr. Rowe gives the best TIPS on how to sleep with sciatica pain.

If you’re in need of immediate relief and a better night’s sleep, then this is a video you won’t want to miss!


* The best sleeping position for sciatica pain (DO’s and DONT’s)
* How to get up from bed without hurting the back
* The best stretches for sciatic nerve pain that you can do in bed
* Other helpful tips that will help you sleep better

Watch now and take one step towards better health!


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SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center says:

👉 Have any tips that help relieve sciatica? Make sure to share with us here in the comments section!

J L says:

Thank you, great information I’ll start using

Angela Mullaney says:

Thank you for posting this! I'm in the middle of the worst episode of bilateral sciatica I've ever had. I can barely move and it's making my heels and feet numb and tingly. My doctor prescribed flexeril. I'm pretty sure my pain laughs every time I take one.

Urban Xplorer says:

Very good, try this one, too

Crystal Carrington says:

You're amazing, thank you so much for your pearls of wisdom x

James Rockland says:

Outstanding channel !

Lonna Proctor says:

Learning to sit up from sleep properly isba game changer!!!!!!!!!

Lynn Kopper says:

Thank you for the videos: they have been helpful. I have been having pain for 6 months now and been going to a chiropractor. He recommended I get an mri since I still have some pain. Would you recommend I get one?

Anonymous says:

Its 4am and I'm trying to sleep…but it hurts pretty bad 😢

P says:

TRY drinking turmeric powder boiled in water with some black pepper in it. To make it even better, add some grated fresh ginger to it. Its the only thing that helped me, along with cobra pose stretching.

Generic Internetter says:

Excellent video, easy subscribe!

Kristoph Stjames says:

I have a herniated disc at l4 and 5, I also have an adjustable mattress frame,
should I slightly elevate the foot's end of the mattress for disc relief?

Yvette and Jorgen Larsen says:

I noticed this video was from several years ago, and it is a little bit harder to hear in places. The more I listened to it, the more I felt like you're speaking directly to old people! Or obviously, somebody with some type of injury… thanks for the tips. I sent them to my girlfriend who's having this problem. I just realized, You're making house calls! God bless you!

Yvette and Jorgen Larsen says:

I like your haircut in this one, Doc. Is that a fresh cut? it'll probably look even better when it grows out a tad in a week.

OriginalKavsy says:

Any powerlifters / weightlifting competitors here? If so how did you deal with sciatica / herniated discs and how did you alter your training?

brodygoalie says:

Is it okay to wear a lumbar support brace while I am working. I work in retail and on My feet for my shift. Not much walking but definitely on standing on my feet. I do get breaks so I am able to sit in a chair for 15 minutes each break. So please let me know if it's okay to wear a lumbar support brace. Thank you

Maria Lorinda Arca says:

Nice explanation thanks

Julian FP says:

I had severe sciatica due to an L5/S1 left-side herniation in 2011 with a relapse in 2017 (both confirmed by MRI) and both resolved without surgery. I am currently on day 5 of my second relapse, not yet confirmed by MRI, and am again enduring the agony while hoping that conservative (non-surgical) treatment will work this time too. I have learned a lot over these episodes and thank you for the video. I have found that how well I fare each night, especially in terms of not getting into bad positions or making awkward moves in the night, is the biggest single determinant in how able to function I will be the next day. Sleeping badly, or even if I haven't been able to sleep but have been lying badly, can mean getting out of bed unable to walk more than a metre or so without crutches and even then getting from the bedroom to the kitchen is a major expedition. I think this video is so important.

Having said that I have one extra tip. You show the exercise at time index 5:00 where you pull your knees up to your chest. I have another use for this stretch/exercise/position that I find invaluable in bed.

As a side sleeper I find that it can get tedious lying dead straight and motionless for hours on end on the same side so sometimes I feel that I just have to roll over but that rotation of the lower back makes the pain so unbearable that it is impossible to simply roll over in bed the way that most people would do so what I do is, while still on the side that I want to get away from and before trying to roll over I pull my knees up to my chest to go into what I call the "diver's tuck" position, I can then roll over while maintaining that diver's tuck position the whole time, and once I am on my other side I gently come out of the diver's tuck by straightening my legs out again. Before I discovered this trick when I decided I simply could not stand lying in the same position any longer I would literally get out of bed, walk round to the other side of the bed, and get back into the bed lying on my other side.

As a second trick, again for side sleepers, I sometimes find that putting an extra pillow behind me and pressed up tightly against my back can help a tiny bit with the pain. I think maybe it's a bit like white noise i.e. as well as the constant pain coming from my back (no sleeping position is able to stop the pain completely for me) the sensation of the pillow pressing against my back gives some extra nerve inputs into that area for my brain to think about instead of just having the sciatic pain inputs to process. I confess that this one doesn't by any means remove the pain but it does reduce it just a tiny bit.

Lilian Lumaliza says:


MAD says:

Thank you for your tips on sciatica. I’ve learned more to help me.

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