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Do you have pain on the front of your shoulder after doing curls for the girls!? If so, it’s likely that you have bicep tendonitis. The bicep is made up of two attachment sites, one short and one long. The longer tendon is the most common sight for tendonitis. When the shoulder is not sitting in the right position, it puts extra stress on the tendon causing irritation. By doing the exercise shown in this video you’ll strengthen the muscles on the back side of the shoulder (external rotators), which will pull your shoulder into a better position and relieve the tendon from irritation.

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Ibrahim Faroun says:

First, thank you very much for this informative video.
I’ve been suffering from long head biceps tendonitis for 5 months. I stopped all push movements for 2 months to let it heal. And i did all rotator cuff excersizes and im back to working out but with little volume on stable “machines” push movements as It seems to hurt again when increasing my volume on push movements specially chest and shoulders pressing. The doctor told me the inflammed tendon is 1mm thicker than my right side tendon and that the tendon is calcified.
How long should i wait until performing push movements again with high volume given the fact that i started doing your excersize??
I really appreciate your answer.

TSIXGaming says:

great exercise

Nicole Butler says:

This is way too painful.

ST 670 says:

Why should i not retract the shoulder blades? I was taught to always retract and depresses for most shoulder exercises.

Viraggas small hotel says:

Hi there….I had on July, a fall with my MTB and as an event, an AC joint sprain type I. A few days ago, I had an MRI, which revealed a bicep Tendonitis and a bone marrow ethema in acromio and clavical bones and also on the Humerus. I feel the pain from the tendonitis in just a very few and particular movements, otherwise my shoulder, is moving freely. Also, in these particular movements, I can feel some cracking jsut under the collar bone, most possibly on the coracoid. Can I continue with my shoulder excersises?

Finally, about the bone marrow ethema, is it going to heal by itself or should I worry about it?

Thank you very much,

Margaret Crowley says:

Thank you for this! Will bicepital massage also be helpful? If so should I do before or after this exercise? Hurts most in the morning before I am loosened up! Thanks!

Mohammed says:

Thank you sir

Jesus Miranda says:

I am going to try this exercise today.

tyrone loki says:

i tore my bicep long-head..will it go back to the way it is…or need surgery?

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