Hip Osteoarthritis Rehab Exercises | Mobility, Balance and Strength

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Hip Osteoarthritis Rehab Exercises | Mobility, Balance and Strength

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A Ajam says:

might i suggest, careful with the last exercise. if you dont have a good supported table, it will just flip and hurt the subject.. been there and will never forget.

Chinedu Ani says:

You have my Maximum respect Dr igho, and I will never forget the day I come across your channel on youtube, you are my hero thank you for helping me with your herbal medication that cured me naturally, God bless you.

Juicy & Lucy says:

Fancy wearing black socks or trainers on a black background ….some of it I havent got a clue what your doing lol

Diana Smith says:

This was great thank you!

Linda Ellis says:

The music was sooo loud. No verbal instruction can be heard. Just him doing the exercises with some subtitles. What a shame!

Robert Kelley Roth says:

Great video. Danke!

19 97 says:

hi 👋 please I need help,when I m playing,while running to take the catch at full speed I got ankle sprain, happened 6month ago
I only have pain at ankle for 1st month
then I used bandage to heal it by doctor advice
then from 2nd month I m getting knee pain
I consulted orthopaedic doctor,there is nothing in xray at knee or ankle
then from 3rd month I m getting hip pain too
then consultant neuro specialist,they told me to do mri of ls spine
in mri too there is nothing to worry very minor doctor said ,to take rest
then I m getting Litt back ,neck pain
I m taking yoga therapy
I have exactly pain in knee patella area evey pain is gone now

AMR Physiotherapy says:

Great video! Very informative. Thanks for sharing!

Ben Patrick says:

I have never see a herbal doctor in West Africa like Dr Bassey Ayaka on YouTube who cured my Arthritis totally with his herbal medicine God bless you Dr Bassey Ayaka..

Sez Cardis says:

Thank you so much for these helpful example exercises.

mygoodtrainer says:

I can attest that this also works for people with FAI and any hip pain

Sasha Farrier says:

Can you also do the first exercise on a stability ball?

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