Improve Walking with Less Arthritic Pain with 7 At Home Exercises & Therapist Tip, "Walk On!"

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Improve Walking with Less Arthritic Pain with 7 At Home Exercises & Therapist Tip, “Walk On!”

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Bob and Brad demonstrate exercises to improve your walking with less arthritis pain.

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janet Okeke says:

Yes, you are the best on the internet!

Lou ann Huber says:

So is the rule: if it hurts don’t do it. ?? If it doesn’t, do it? I’ve just found out I have arthritis in my hip. Need to stretch shortened extremely tight hip flexors.

Sug Williams says:

Thanks again, B & B!

maya pandya says:

Not seen exe properly

Terry Matsusaki says:

What muscle need to strengthen for arthritic knees to walk down the stairs? Thx🌺

Josephina Mokoena says:

Please can I have it pleaseeeee l am a Pensioner no Money

Janice Harley says:

I love your videos Thanks so much

Geneva Clyke says:

Love your Vidios,very Helpful!

Peng Goh says:

I went through Physical Therapy for knee pain, they did not show me these exercises.

Rizwana Khan says:

Hej, first I thought you'll literally tell us how to walk Lol. Anyway I feel most of the time pain on the right side of right knee about 1 ft area. And in the knee fold, does it mean I have water in the fold? And when I small walk while occupied in household chores after an hour or probably two feel a bit pain in the legs mostly knee area and feel that I must lie down and rest. Can these exercises help to get rid of these problems?

Ella Toler says:

This video has done wonders for me. I come back to it periodically and give thanks for the work you guys do.

Prerana Mohite says:

Is it ok to walk in osteoarthritis

samiksha kawale says:

If semilunar cartilage is having erosion or fracture these exercises are advisable?

P N Rao says:


Priti Ghosh says:

Pain behind (posterior)the knee joint, increases with walking.

Sobenna Amaka says:

Thanks Bob and Brad. I like tour videos. Please where can I purchase the FitGlide?

Right of Woman in india says:

Where do I get the glider . ? Pl also quote the price.

Darlene Rego says:

Recently I had awful varicose vein pain in my legs during the night.
Since sleep is important I was wondering, if I did these exercises before going to bed, would it help?

Joyce Culleton says:

Thank you both for these very helpful exercises I have both of my knees pretty stiff and painful

Harneet kour says:

Exercises start from 3.02 mints 🤔🤔
Wht is used in 2nd exercise i.e wht is this like machine ..

I hope it will hlp others who really need this 👍👍

N last thing if anybody see this video n do these exercises thn tell here becoz ur comments are valuable for us 🙏🙏

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