Gentle Chair Yoga Routine – 30 minutes

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Welcome to this gentle chair yoga exercise class brought to you by the clinicians in the chronic pain LEAP Service at Toronto Rehab, part of the University Health Network.
This routine is a blend of mindful movements used in yoga, tai chi and qigong practices. It is designed to cultivate feelings of harmony and wellbeing in the body and mind.
Before you begin, make sure you have set up a safe environment for exercise. Sit in a sturdy chair with no wheels. Make sure the floor around you is free of objects, and you have room to move your arms and legs. Wear non-slip shoes or bare feet for good traction. Optional to have a strap, towel or theraband handy.
We will be showing you three versions of the exercises so that you can chose the level that suits you today. Feel free to follow Cara in the middle, Bonnie if you’re interested in standing variations, or Bronwen for more gentle options. You can make further modifications by increasing or decreasing the number of repetitions, the intensity, or the time spent in each exercise. Always listen to your body and have fun moving with us!

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Yolande Labrecque says:

Very good, Thank you👍


Mary Beth Abordo says:

Absolutely love this wonderful, healing practice! Thank you so much! I admire your willingness to meet us were we are and help us move forward. You are amazing!

patricia durkin says:

Sayville liibrary joy walker senior chair yoga 3/10/21

Josephine Sadiq says:

Very nice Video Thanks

polly gillikin says:

Just tried these this morning love them..will be continuing with these.

janine cox says:

Good morning sunshine ladies!☀️☀️☀️

coldlowe says:

Have missed being able to do yoga since my knee replacement last month. This was great – could do everything except the hip flexor on the surgical side. Thank you for the adaptations!

F Gilly says:

love this new video. Excellent workout! Thanks and please keep adding new routines! Just what I needed to calm be down before some surgery tomorrow.

bob smioth says:

yoga have been dkdwaks

Karen Swartz says:

I really liked this! Great for my MS. Ty!

Annie Hudson Mcknight says:

Thanks for this wonderful class that seems like a combination of chair yoga, chair pilates, and body massage. It's very helpful to help strengthen the body and ease joint and muscle pain. Thank you ladies for demonstrating these fantastic movements.

Karen Apfeldorf says:

I really appreciate these chair yoga videos. As someone who had a very bad knee injury, I can no longer do floor poses but these videos allow me to still do yoga. Thank you. I hope you’ll do more.

Alice Schlemm says:


Mary Fuller says:

Recovering from a knee replacement.This was a great way to break back into my yoga practice

Marcia Kavanaugh says:

I love all of your routines. I have arthritis and they have helped me tremednously

Elle Em says:

I always had an excuse about how I can't do this or that. No excuses, this is an amazing video and I love following along. I try and do 3 videos every day and I have no excuses with all the variations you ladies show.

Margaret says:

Thank you. This is my first class with you. I enjoyed your routine. It was surprisingly challenging and very beneficial for my scoliosis symptoms.

Karen Larson says:

This was a nice relaxing way to get some stretching in before I move on with my day! Thank you.

Andrea Shearer says:

Nice to see another video; I really enjoy them.

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