Gentle chair yoga (41-minute class)

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Gentle Chair Yoga – Mary Beth Kealy CW

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nancy graney says:

Excellent class and instruction- thank you🌿

anna33 says:

Perfect yoga on the chair.

Sandra Solomon says:

Thank God I found you just in time.

L S-L says:

Could you please make some more videos?

tess macie says:

Thank you! You are helping me feel better.

Naomi Shafiroff says:

First time doing yoga with you, wonderful program, so relaxing too. Your voice is so soothing. I really enjoyed your program.

Kim Y. Hancock says:

Loved this! I love your gentle moves and soothing voice,

Katherine Phillips says:

great session – is really helping me – many thanks 🙂

Moonisha Ramesar says:

Thanks it was amazing 🤩

Alicia Williams says:

I’m also continuing to enjoy this wonderful class. Thank you.

Clare Gill says:

thank you really appreciate it

Diane Robinette says:

Excellent class!

Claudette Anderson says:

An excellent class. I could follow your moves easily and with confidence. Voice is lovely.

Alicia Williams says:

Still enjoying this wonderful class. I could do it every day and never tire. You’re the best.

mamaquerida says:


Csilla Foley says:

Really enjoy this class. I feel I get a good stretch in a gentle, calming way.

Awase Publishing says:

This is real yoga done in a chair. Nice work.

Tania Conde says:


inma blanco font says:

Excellent class!
From Spain 🇪🇸🙏

Becky Proctor says:

Super class!

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