Can You Get Rid Of Bat Wings And Go Sleeveless At Sixty

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Close You Can Get Rid Of Bat Wings And Go Sleeveless At Sixty with a combination of nutrition, cardio, and well-rounded strength training. These select exercises will get you started. They won’t spot reduce but they’ll tone that muscle underneath and your sensible cardio and eating will pretty it up.

For tips about how to burn belly fat vs your arm jiggle tune into:
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Rita says:

Thank you! Direct, informative, and detailed. 👏

Victoria Descalso says:

Thank you so much❤️

Coolrockndad says:

Why wouldn't you want a burn on your triceps by pushing more reps? Say 15 to 20 reps. Then the last set push till you really burn.

Prairie Sunflower says:

I have very tight shoulders, always have, but maybe in time this will loosen that up too while I try and rid the wings.

Jodie Langley says:

Even my bat wing has a crepe-y bat wing! Is this something that just happens on your 62nd year? Did these exercises while watching the video! Oh my, feel it!! Can't wait for Monday! Great work out!

rosierosie says:

I am not stranger to working out, and working out with weights. But this work out is fabulous. I just done it and I can really feel it. These unslightly batwings have to go.

Lynne Arons says:

I list 60 pounds. I have loose skin. I do most of these. But I’m still “flapping”

Steve White says:

You talk as if your talking to toddlers

dixiechic60 says:

Wow, one set and I'm feeling the burn. I have weights at work and when to guys went to lunch, this girl decided to start my exercising again. Thank you!!

J H says:

Pull ups are the best for getting rid of arm and back fat. I started at 60, start by doing 10 second hangs and work up to a minute.

Jarenda Garner says:

I have lost 30 lbs and my arms have big bat wings. Will the excerises help with the skin that's already saggy?

Diane Columbus says:

I am 71, and my arms look terrible! I have terrible batwings. No one has given me any good exercise to do up till now to fix this. I will work on these exercises; wish me luck!

Maria Aquila says:

Please keep up arm and thigh exercises. Thank you.

Susan Basista says:

So glad I found this video. When you say 10 to 15 reps how many are in a rep 8?

Cindy says:

I was hoping for the "diet and lifestyle" advise. I have lots of flabby SKIN on my underarms and no amount of muscle tone will remove all that loose skin. I have heard a few doctor types talk about autophagy and was hoping to hear someone's success story. After 60 the skin just doesn't tighten if you lose excess weight like when you were 30 or 40 or even 50.

Kate N says:

I’ll be 69 years old soon, I’m going to try this for my horrible bat wings.

Dana Johnson says:

Great arm workout! This is one that I want to do three times per week, Yay!

Marina Biondic says:

Thank you very much for for this work out!

Jude Irwin says:

It would have been very useful to show you full figure for the second exercise, so we could see how your feet were placed and whether your legs were straight or flexed!!

MaryDgo E says:

thanks for thinking on us , I will try it tomorrow in the morning , on my way to work right now 👌🏼

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