Achilles Tendon Rehab – Exercise Loading Progression for Tendinitis | Tendinopathy | Rupture | Pain

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The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body, but also one of the most injured. How do we best manage this? How do we determine what kind of exercises to use? How do we choose how to progress over time?

In this video, we review research which looks to appraise this conundrum.

Introduction (0:00)
Types of load (1:03)
Loading Tiers (1:56)
Valuable takeaways (3:03)
Using the loading parameters (3:43)
Summary (4:37)

Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.


JESS says:

Well done, great video. šŸ”„

shankar ambede says:

IMy ahils tendon of left leg rupture 3monts ago. Now there is swelling on feet up to calf . When I put leg upwartd while sleeping or sitting swelling comes down. Now adays I cal lift hill upward.
Now let me know from when and which exercises to do? My age is 63years

shankar ambede says:

When to start these exercises?
After injury how many days?

Surfsailwaves says:

Thanks for this excellent information. My Achilles management was seated and standing calf raises with 20 and 90 kg (tier-1). My main mistake was to ā€˜progressā€™ directly to drop jumps (2-leg; tier-3) and lateral hops (1-leg; tier-4). Result: instant Achilles injury (literally my first lateral hip), sending me back to tier-1. Lesson: donā€™t skip from tier-1 to tier-3 unless you enjoy being injured.

George PNF says:

Great video Sam!!! How many exercises should we do from tier 1,2,3 and 4 (also reps and sets).

Thank you

Coach Ro says:

Great video!! Unfortunately, I have haglund's deformity on my left heel (aka: pump bump), are there any modifications I should take into consideration?

Zyon Shepherd says:

Thanks for the extremely informative video! Just a couple of questions though, what is the rep range for each exercise, amount of sets and how often should you do the exercise before progressing onto the next one?

Fabien Fernandez says:

HowĀ aboutĀ extensorĀ digitorumĀ longusĀ 
tendinosisĀ rehab.Ā I'mĀ seekingĀ forĀ thatĀ 
videoĀ I'veĀ alwaysĀ seenĀ anĀ AchillesĀ 
tendinosisĀ rehab

OConnor Music says:

Iā€™ve been having this issue since high school and I feel like my Achilles flares up in agony when I try to run for long distances > 2mi. Iā€™ve always thought I was stretching wrong or somethingā€¦ this video is very informative and Iā€™ll give it a shot. Subscribed!

Jacob says:

Just came across your channel this week. About to enter my final semester as an MPT student in Canada, and I've got to say the quality, organization, and scholarship of these videos has been fantastic to help me in reviewing content for my final upcoming placements! Thanks (y)

Philip Kim says:

Thank you for sharing helpful information.

isaac sevillano says:

I ruptured my Achillesā€™ tendon 6 weeks ago and I start my physical therapy today.

22prince22billups1 says:

how long do you stay in each tier normally before progressing ?

1 step of e-noise says:


usherdud says:

Any idea of my injury? When i do ANY push exercises i get a pop/click on the inside of my arm, (Triceps bachii i think). Basically got to limit myself to flyes and a bicep grip triceps extensions. Been 2 years and seen 2 physical therapist and 1 naprapath..

david janbaz says:

As a PTA for 30+ years and with 10 years of tendenopthy using all kinds of therapy: it only went away with the nutrition of Vitamin C and Gelatin ,hydrolyzed Collagen supplements.
At 68 I am back at full speed Spirits on a manual Treadmill up to 5- 10 sec at 20 mph.
Good nutrition is important to the effectiveness of the P.T.

madeline trudelle says:

Do you guys still have a vivo shoe discount code? Thank you for your help!!

Justin Holland says:

Is there any possibility for some one on one help? Iā€™m a blind bodybuilder / weightlifter and over the past 3 years I have a problem with what I think is my scapula. I have a dull pain in my right trap and lower trap, as well as my right shoulder sets lower than my left and I donā€™t get the same contraction / activation in both sides when performing upper body exercises.
I donā€™t know what to do and it is extremely frustrating because it has gotten to the point where I canā€™t really lift now. If you could help, that would be amazing and Iā€™d be willing to pay for one on one guidance. Thank you!

Tyler Smith says:

Training for an Ironman race in 3 weeks. Since 10/9/21 I have been battling achilles tendinopathy. I read "Physio network" articles and glad yall put this one into video form. I am somewhere in tier 2/3 with my rehab atm. Will work through these and hope I can pull it off!

liljemark1 says:

Wow! I'm a distance runner recovering from Achilles tendonitis. This is yet again content I'll keep in mind when working with my physio. As it happens I recently listened to your talking tendons podcast episode which was extremely insightful.

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