10 Minute Balance Workout For Seniors And Beginners

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Senior Fitness Podcast With Meredith


In this exercise video Meredith is guiding you through an easy to follow 10 minute balance workout that you can do in your own home or workout area.

Balance exercises are a great way focus on your stability and build up strength in the muscles that sometimes get overlooked. Our balance is so important as we use it everyday to move in space, walk up and down stairs, carry objects, get in and out of a car etc.

For this routine, Meredith guides you through movements that will help build stabilization in your core and lower body. Two areas that are responsible for keeping you safe and sturdy:)

As always only do movements that you feel comfortable with and never force anything that causes you pain or discomfort.

Keep your water close by and have a great workout!

Team Meredith


Jane Thomas says:

Thank you, Meredith!

C L C says:

Thank You! 🙌🏼

Carol Joy Colegrove says:

Hello again Meredith!
Could you tell me what timer you use in this video? I looked for it in your shop but it wasn’t there.
If it’s amazon could you kindly post a link? I’ve bought two now that we’re not good- fell apart or just didn’t function.
Thank very much!

Hera Kashmeri says:

Hi not sure why balancing & Upper body workouts seem so much easier with an exercise ball than without in loosening our joints & stomach balancing. Any advice how I can incorporate yours that way?

Lucius says:

Thanks. I like it. Great exercises, but does it really improve balance?

minniegranny says:

Thank you for this video!

Katerina Papadopoulou says:

I just fell upon this video and my first thought was,"how do you know that I need balance?"…Once more, I'm grateful for your videos, you're a brilliant coach and instructor, thank you!

Maree A says:

U are so special Meredith, thanks b 2 my Lord Jesus who is helping me thoroughly with the experience u share with me,kind and generous are u with time u give us.💕⚘

Sue says:

Just did this one, balance not too bad, had to hold on a bit. I found my left leg is weaker than right. Thank you Meredith

Stayathome says:

I definitely plan to do this. Do you have any posture videos too?

Jo B says:

Nice balance 10min wkout. I’ll be replaying that 2x daily. Thank you.

C Otter says:

Lovely reminder to bring balance into my movement time. Fun to notice your hair has gotten so long! Sometimes YouTube feels like the Great Big Now – small markers that show the passage of time are a delight.

Martha Sanchez says:

Great everyday for our life. Thank You!

Colleen Richards says:

Hello from Australia Meredith, new subscriber. Really enjoying your very helpful videos…🌸💗🌸

Stela Afonso says:

Excelente Meredith, my balance is not very good….💐💖 Stela

Pat M.R. says:

Great movements, thank you. From California

Ofra Matzov-Cohen says:

Thanks, Meredith! Love from Ofra, Israel.🌎🏠🌫

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