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Intro : 0:00​​​​​​​​
Video Explanation : 0:26​​​
Ridge Wallet (Video Sponsor) : 2:11​​
Warzone Gun Game Gameplay 1 : 2:58​​
Warzone Gun Game Gameplay 2 : 10:53​​
✔Intro: Stranger Things Theme Song (C418 REMIX)

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Metaphor says:

I personally would like to thank "The Ridge Wallet" for making this video possible. Be sure to browse their products, there's something for everyone.

Use Code “METAPHOR” for 10% off your order!

kyrie killer2 says:

Fuck, i will miss old superstore cleaning

Pragyik Pant says:

7:40 And yet some of my friends don't believe me when I say metaphor's aim is just like mine.

Walter Klingström says:

Remember when people would get called sweats for slide cancelling? and Demon if they had the Roze skin?

TobiasM says:

Damn u killed Jordan in tha intro 😂😂😂😂

nexprofit314 says:

I bet there would be a lot of guns if this was done now since there's no dominant metas

Bryant Walsh says:

Ur way better than Jordy anyway 😂

Sycx FN says:

His laugh never gets old😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

Chance Loranger says:

7:00 Kobe died 🙁

BrokenBucket says:

Oh cool I had this idea for nick merks but he never used it but meta is let’s go

Nathan Carlyle Arnado says:

@jordy2d did that really happen??

Tim Brookes says:

Love gun game

Audy Abad says:

Arsenal vibes in roblox 😎

Jayson Montanez says:

Grenade: don’t leave me
Metaphor: nooooooo.

Oscar D says:

My guy has more wins doing this challenge than i do playing normally lol

Tee says:

This video was hilarious 🤣

Edgars Bratčenko says:

Tell me ur playin in bot lobby, without telling it

Acetune 00 says:

I enjoy it 😀

Dylan Priddy says:

The scream lol

Ryan Murray says:

"Slide cancelling Roze demons" LMAO!!

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