Relieve Shoulder Impingement From Bad Posture

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Shoulder impingement is a general term for inflammation in the shoulder between the scapula (shoulder blade) and the rotator cuff, and it often comes from bad posture. Buy a worksheet with these shoulder impingement stretches & exercises at:

When shoulder impingement comes from poor posture, it’s often because we are lifting and rolling our shoulders forward. These stretches and exercises may help.

Starting off with a simple shoulder or scapular squeeze will help stretch the chest area and strengthen the upper back area.

Next, a levator scapulae stretch is a great way to relax the muscle that gets overworked when we are stressed.

Seated Ts will also help open up the chest and work the upper back muscles as well. A thoracic side bend will help stretch out the latissimus (lats) muscle which can cause pressure on the scapula when tight.

Finally, getting on all fours or in quadruped, a cat/cow or cat/dog and a prayer stretch (child’s pose) at an angle will also help stretch the upper back and lat area.

Learn more about sets, reps, and frequency at :

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Relieve Shoulder Impingement From Bad Posture:

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AskDoctorJo says:

Buy a worksheet with these Shoulder Impingement stretches & exercises at:
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Craig Robson says:

Hi there, I woke up with bad shoulder pain after sleeping funny, I can barely raise my left arm and Its painful to drive, could this be a pinched nerve?

Craig Wilson says:

Thanks for the wonderful shoulder impingement exercises Dr Jo. I'm an avid weightlifter, but hampered by shoulder pain. I put a lot of stress on my shoulders during benchpressing. I believe your advice will help me to continue though with lighter weights.


❤ u. So helpful stretches. 🙏

Sonia Morales says:

I have to really dedicate time daily to do these. I am hoping to get rid of scar tissue by stretching. December will be three years with this shoulder impingement issue. Feels like my body is all messed up. Doctor told me to also do resistance band exercises.

Feels like my right arm locks at times when I reach to get things. I injured myself for being dumb in lifting some furniture. I still have hope I can improve this issue. Thanks Dr. Jo for sharing these.

Cypher says:

One morning I woke up and had really bad pain in my shoulder and my arm/elbow. It lasted a few days and I was struggling to sleep. I've had it happen a couple times since and occasionally I get pain in my shoulder blade. I also notice I struggle to put that arm behind my upper back. Shoulder impingement seems to come up when I google it so hopefully this helps

Seth Drzewicki says:

Great stretch's, thanks

ruxana jewoon says:

If u have calcfied supra n infra spinatous acromion n mri says one rotator cuff unremarkable is it wise to do the strtches

Lex says:

Big help once again. Second video thats has helped me

C. Smith says:

Absolutely amazing. Helped so much with my sore shoulder after upper body workout. Thanks for this!

Chan Chan says:

Thank you Dr.🙏🏻👍🐕😍🇲🇴


Great, got relieved instantly after doing the exercises. 👍👍👍

Caity Blue says:

Will this fix that grinding noise in my shoulder when I try to lift overhead?

Richard Micheli says:

Doctor Jo my wife and I really appreciate what you have taught us. We continue to learn and get healthier we love what you are doing. May you have a blessed and beautiful day.

jayaram arunadevi says:

7*6mm tear in my shoulder tendons (MRI report). I can't sleep at night mam. Plz help me mam 🙏🙏🙏

Sara Ma says:

Ty! Sharing!!

Gail Salzman says:

After a week of these stretches, no more shoulder pain! Thank you!

Thomas Jackson says:

Makes me want to go to the gym minus my sore back (self-inflicted, doing gardening) ☹️ will be going through the collection I've put in a playlist to find 1-2 stretches per main body part to do in the morning after I walk my dog, get the body warmed up before I get stuck into any physical movements.

anna buat says:

Hi Dr Joe thank you so much it’s helped me a lot!😀 Any stretching for severe headaches???? I’ll try your neck stretches next 👍😂

susu ah says:

liked it a lot1

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