How to Relieve Sciatica in Seconds #Shorts

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Dr. Rowe shows how to relieve sciatica leg pain IN SECONDS.

This exercise is known as the McKenzie Wall-Lean, and it’s wonderful for QUICK sciatica pain relief. You can do this exercise standing, at home, and it doesn’t require any equipment.

Watch now and get instant sciatic nerve pain relief in as little as 30 seconds!


Dr. Michael Rowe
St. Joseph, Michigan chiropractor

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SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center says:

For those that want to save this exercise, check out our video:

Hennessy831 says:

I have tried this and it really hurts ?

Tin Vio says:

Now I have bump on my head! Door was open

Myrna Sharif says:

thanks, really works !!!

Kwame Kwesi Jnr says:

Could you use a wall?

D’exz G’fren says:

Thank you but this hurts me too much and I can’t stand up long enough to do this.. but I’ll keep trying.

Question Everything #1 says:

I can feel how tight my SI joint(s) are. I have learned BENEFIT SO MUCH form these short clips. TYTYTY! Having no health insurance, I must make do, and benefit from self care, as you promote.

ali raza says:

While stretching felt pain on my no painful side rather than a painful side. .Is this normal.?

kathé La Pointe says:

Did not help at all for me.

C says:

I'm not doing some step right or something..

Don Mclaughlin says:

This works….unbelievable…90% of pain left me. Could hardly get out of bed for 2 days.
Praise the Lord-thank you for this video. Did it 5 times @30 seconds each!!!

Jennifer Moore says:

This works! I just did it and by the 3rd rep—-> RELIEF!

Linda Correia says:

I have no idea how this works I have had a sciatica flare up since March so far that’s four months of pain, lean into the door seems to be helping my left side sciatica !

Leigh Gleeson says:

This is extraordinary effective thank you so so much.
I have been struggling with sciatica and after performing this stretch realise that my whole right side wonkiness is a result.
I've never able to describe it accurately to a physio either.

Pugazhenthi Manoharan says:

Thank you so much

Jairo Macias-Jaquez says:

I developed sciatica from pulling a pallet loaded with ice bags😩

Juann.4x says:

Didn’t work

Mike Smith says:

Thank you very much


maybe i don’t have siatica because this did nothing

Poonam Rawat says:

Thanks for sharing this..It's really helpful!🤗🙌 Love from India ❤️

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