How to FIX Shoulder PAIN. Best Exercises, Rehab & Stretches for Shoulder Impingement!!

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Shoulder impingement is the most common shoulder condition. And unfortunately individuals suffering from this are often told they are “wearing out their shoulder” when they move and experience pain. In this video we break down the research and why this isn’t happening. Then go over the most efficacious treatments to get people out of pain!

Time Line:
0:00 Start
0:05 Common Presentation
0:13 Diagnosis/Imaging
1:10 Prognosis
1:45 Exercises
4:24 Myths Debunked
5:42 Surgery

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An Li says:

Can thoracic herniated disc cause a shoulder impingement?

Dawin says:

2:12 1st exercise.

nadinehassouneh says:

Thanks a lot for this video! My range of motion for the supine & prone external rotations are worse than I would have imagined. Fingers crossed now!

johnny allen says:

Your pretty good πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Daniel Portelli says:

How many sets and reps of those exercises from this clip?

tarak das says:

how many days it take to recover? after proper exercise

Kevin Qeriaqos says:

Thank youπŸ˜„

Mehrdad Soltani says:

Very informative, thanks a lot! Hope these excercises will help my shoulder impingement

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