Complete Guide to Shoulder Rehab (NO SURGERY NEEDED!) – Fix Impingement & Injury Prevention

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This video teaches you how to:
– Fully Fix any shoulder injury with out surgery.
– Fix shoulder impingement with out rolling, massage, or chiropractic.
– Prevent shoulder injuries.


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bob Corbett says:

Hi maybe I missed it but how many reps and sets are you recommending. I ve been doing 20reps and 3 sets/day which feels about right?

Kevin Leon says:

How long do you recommend using a brace after shoulder dislocation? Thank you

李沛轩 says:

Why u run 6 months ago?

YSB davidYT says:

Hey I have a question. I tore my labrum about 1 month ago. When should I start lifting regular weights again after doing the workouts you recommended

edgars silis says:

Its from benchpresing in front of shoulder scar tisue. I cant bench. It repair it?

edgars silis says:

Hy it cure shoulder muscle scar tissue?

Kristian Sørbrøden says:

Great video! How many reps and sets are recommended?

J3Y3 K says:

Found this two days ago and did some pants pulling right away for two days… My shoulder wasn't completely "broken" beforehand but it feels better thanks!

Dwijesh Koirala Sahi says:

This video is a diamond mine

CB says:

Q- I have a shoulder impingement – possible SLAP tear, so should I do this work before rehabbing my shoulder through a regular PT? Thanks for your opinions!

Marlon Enrique says:

Dont talk and chew gum at the same time !!

Kerron Manwaring says:

This is the best rear delts video

Jphresh says:

Does Torn labrum cause AC joint pain as well? Or that’s two injuries? Thank you 👍

Elizabeth Balbin says:

I really appreciate this video. How can you schedule a video appointment ? thank you

AP says:

What is that muscle name? The one underdeveloped?

Gary Richards Jr says:

Pullin up his what… his pants 🤌🏾

Carl Wilson says:

Do you have a protocol for a winging scapula?

NateTheGreat says:

Iv had shoulder issues for 2 +years heavy clickn& Poppin n shoulder, shoulder actually looks square shape

Saki Chatzichristidis says:

Does the chewing gum help too?

Jai baba ki says:

Supraspinatus tendonitis with pain,crack sound while rotation

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