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Finger pain and hand pain can be caused by many things including hand and finger arthritis, circulation issues, an injury, or just achiness in the joints. These 7 treatments should help. Purchase the iPalm 520s here: https://amzn.to/2SBS87y (affiliate link)

Finger, thumb, and wrist range of motion movements are a great way to relieve pain in the hands and fingers. Make sure you are going through the full range of motion.

Massaging the fingers, hand, and palm area is also a great way to not only relieve pain, but also improve circulation, blood flow, and sensation to the area.

Finger extension stretches do a great job of working the joints of the fingers closest to your hand, which often are the most painful.

You can also use a custom hand massager for pain relief like the Breo iPalm 520s. It uses pressure, heat and acupressure to increase circulation to help relieve pain in the hands and fingers.

The last two exercises help with finger flexion and extension. Having strong fingers help relieve the pain.

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7 Hand Pain & Finger Pain Treatments:

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AskDoctorJo says:

Purchase the iPalm 520s featured in this video here: https://amzn.to/2SBS87y (affiliate link)
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chase stout says:

I’m in construction, I’m always using a shovel, impact tools, and using hammers which cause heavy impact to my right hand. I have a bad over use issue but these simple stretches helped a lot with my cramping and pain in my hand.

GreenDottedToad 2.0 says:

I been bench pressing more frequently and i noticed my fingers starting to realllyyy hurt to the point i cant even squeeze my grip trainer

PokeSam13 says:

That helped

wendy taylor says:

I’m a knitter and crocheter and this has been very helpful

Ivo 0312 says:

thank you it helped me relieve pain in my finger

Bhagyasheela K says:

We are blessed

Le Ivy Noir says:

Working this now

took cookie dough ttp says:

I tried this first and it stopped so soon thanks!

Someone says:

Thank you. It helped a lot💖

S H says:

I could not put any pressure on one of my wrists for yoga this morning and these exercises made the pain go away. Most likely from picking up some heavy boxes a couple hours ago. Thank you!

Storm says:

Hi doctor, Last 7 days I wrote so much everyday…Now my hand is feeling very tired and not having strength in my hand…Now, whenever I am writing my hand is starting pain and it is giving some burning sensation….Can U please tell me, What should I do?…Or is it some kind of defeciency?

Stepfanie Coperude says:

Thank you so much. I am already feeling some relief

Wavy O says:

So happy to find you video. Immediately help me. Thank you.

lImaFakeIl says:

I hope this works cause my fingers really hurt I was massaging my grandma legs and then my fingers just hard to control them sometimes…my whole body really hurts even though I'm still 12…do I need milk for this?

Monty Andrews says:

Thank you so much for making this, some very useful exercises here.

S Houston says:

Just ordered the iPalm 520s from the affiliate link because I have considerable hand pain. I got a $25 coupon, which lowered the price to $54 from $79. Look forward to using it. And your exercises are really effective as well.

Jody Hakala says:

Good 👍 exercises
I’ll get shiatsu first thing and acupuncture

G O K U L G A M E R says:

Thanks mam it is working 🙏🛌

Ali Comando says:

My fingers tired in Ramadan

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