5 Minute Biceps Tendonitis Relief

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Get relief from your biceps tendonitis quickly! With just 2 steps, you can start to get that biceps feeling better:)
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0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Myofascial release
1:28 – Cross friction to tendon
2:03 – Trigger point release
3:02 – Biceps stretches
4:27 – Biceps and rotator cuff strength

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Sgt Rock says:

wow are those real? your teeth I mean… pretty smile 😉

Kanaeta X-A says:

Great video ( Ty ) by the way, you look fantastic. Love those shoulders

Irene Amaglio says:

La tua ginnastica è la migliore grazie il mio fisico anziano migliora💞💞

Jacopo Cappello says:

Thank you so much, Doctor. Very helpful.

Julian Engelns says:

So I've also had bicep tendonitis pain for about half a year. I didn't do any sport that could damage it and I've flattered myself. Nevertheless, the healing process has been taking a long time and I don't know what to do. That's why I tried this exercise I've been doing this exercise for two days now and before I started this exercise I had very little pain when I pressed the tendon. But after the two days I felt more pain. Is that a part of the healing process or should I stop. ?

AndrewsGuitarChannel says:

I have bicep tendinosis in my right arm, and it has flared up badly over the last couple of months. Thing is I have no trouble doing bicep curls but the act of chopping onions puts me into a world of hurt. What is that all about?

Michael Rosa says:

i'm an avid archer and lift weights daily. My left shoulder been barking like mad. Thought it to be shoulder. Now convinced it's bicep related on account while bow hunting,climbing a ladder and descending, it barks like hell. You 2 finger illustration put the area or root of the pain direct under my fingers. Rubbed it hard, and she loosened up. I'm in shock right now. Do they make a massager specifically for these little areas or should I just get it worked on ? I'm looking to simply get it loosened up to bench press and incline press. Slightly bothers me doing shoulder presses,not too bad like incline presses.

Kees Lubberding says:


Darrell Eggers says:

What if I'm recovering from rotator cuff and bicep tendon repair surgery? Just curious. I do enjoy your videos.

Hilda Jerez C says:

Great video!!. I did the exercises. Now my arm feel better. Thank you! New subscriber 🙂

Alexandra Dékány says:

But in an other video you said we shouldn’t be doing the last exercise?

R T says:

Very attractive doctor

Joe ABS says:

Doc, you're teachings are great. Thank you.

Rosen Rot says:

Very Special thanks !!!

Stuart Allison says:

Thks again 🙂

victor acuna says:

Awesome my sister,thanks ❤️

Eve says:

Thank you ❣️

Mohsen Mohsen says:

Hello Dr. Ennis , I hope you are doing fine . Can you please advice what are the best workout for the APT and the rounded shoulders . .Thank you in advance

Jose Ruano says:

I am so glad I subscribed to your channel, I have been trying some of you exercises and I can feel the relief and the difference, thank you so much for helping me reduce my pain.
You are awesome Dr. Ennis!!!!

rrguitar1 says:

Easily the hottest Dr. I've ever seen. Wow😍😍😍😍❤

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