Senior Fitness – Standing Full Body Resistance Workout

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In this session, we’re going through some great standing exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Using light weights, a chair, and some motivation, Meredith walks you through a full-body workout utilizing your upper body and lower body.

Using controlled and safe movements, you will work the major muscle areas of your body including arms, legs and the important support muscles you use for balance.

As always, only do what you are comfortable with and make sure youy comfort level is where you feel most confident. Keep your handy chair or balance item close to you at all times and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

Have a great workout!


Lucius says:

This is me thanking you so much Meredith and being grateful for all your exercises.

Elainew O'Sullivan says:

Thank you Meredith

Elsa Martinez says:

Good morning! This was perfect to start my day! Thanks, Meredith, you apways steer our day in right direction. Love from Laredo, Texas

Rita Vaccarino says:

I have finally found the perfect exercise coach! Senior Fitness Coach Meredith. Given the fact that I am a fit 73 yr. old woman, and was unable to find the right exercise for me. Some are just to fast for me to keep up with. Some are way too slow! Either way I was frustrated, until I found Meredith, she has inspired me to continue exercising for 15 minutes. I am working my way up to longer sessions. Also, believe it or not I have finally mastered breathing correctly. Thank you Ms. Meredith.

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