Senior Fitness Chair Workout For Beginners | Full Body | Weights Optional

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In this workout video, Meredith is taking you through a great full body chair workout perfect for those who are looking to start out with seated exercises. 

This is also a great workout for anyone who regularly exercises but is looking to get back to some basic movements.

Chair workouts are a great way to get in exercise in a low impact manner that is easy on your knees, back and joints. It’s still very important to exercise even if you mobility or range of motion is limited.

This workout is perfect for that!

This routine does use weights which you can substitute using water bottles or cans of soup. You can also omit weights altogether and just go through the routine to benefit from the range of motion.

As usual, always keep water close and take water breaks when you need. Also, only do the movements that you are comfortable with and never force anything. Your level of comfort is important so you can continue to exercise for years to come!

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith


MaguiMaggy Mor says:

Hellouuuu, I practiced this routine, thank you again, I`m going to tell my friends about your routine, have a nice week

Barbara B says:

Good 'recovery' day workout. I look forward to your 40 minute intermediate to advanced seated and standing cardio workouts a couple times each week.

Patti Anderson says:

Thanks for a good morning workout. I'm recovering from knee surgery so I've been doing seated workouts to help keep up with my routine. I liked the mix of cardio, strength, and stretching.

Angie Wright says:

Hi Meredith
We did this one today for the first time. Really enjoyed it. We stood for some of the cardio at beginning, and then did the rest sitting. Thank you!
Best wishes
Angie and Ray in UK 🙂

Electrometis says:

This was perfect today! One of my knees has swelled up so was looking for an alternative seated workout – love this one – thank you!

strychnine49 says:

Every day I find a new exercise video from you! Enjoyed this one as I do all your routines but I did some of it standing. Thank you again! 👌

Raquel F. says:

i really enjoyed this workout.

Zenaida Razalo says:

Tired and i feel so contented of the exercises you shared. For so long i've been doing own steps but now its for real because am following fitted to me as senior.

Zenaida Razalo says:

Thank i've seen already all the exercises, now i can follow or do everyday. Senior from the Philippines.

Saeideh Da says:

Hi Meredith, This is the exercise I was looking for a long time. Thanks. I started 2 days ago and I should say, I feel great. Just one question. Would you please add some exercise in the chair for belly fat as well. Take care

tim9hopkins says:

Thanks Meg, what size are your weights..? I think I should move up from the tins of food if this lockdown continues….

Rodger says:

What age group is this routine geared towards? Thank.

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