Pilates for Very Painful Knees- 20 Minutes of Chair based exercise for Knee Arthritis

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Pilates for very painful knees is for anyone who doesn’t feel able to get down on the floor to exercise but wants an effective routine to build strength in their legs as well as manage their knee pain. It contains both strengthening exercises and stretches.These are the best exercises I have found to help people with knee arthritis who want to do what they can to manage their knee pain, as well as build stronger knees in the lead up to joint replacement surgery. Ideally you would try and do this routine three times a week. As with any exercise please only do what feels ok for you and if in any doubt stop. I hope these help you.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that you consult your Doctor or Healthcare Professional before starting any exercise programme. If you experience any pain or discomfort during this workout you should stop immediately and if necessary seek medical attention. When participating in any exercise or exercise programme, you agree that you do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself. By using this video you understand and agree that Rachel Lawrence- The Girl with the Pilates Mat- will not be held responsible or liable for any injury or loss you may suffer as a result of undertaking the workout.



You talk too much! Boring!

Kathleen Lynch says:

This felt wonderful. Thank you so much.

Adys Lopez says:

Your the best I’m 74 yr old women this exercise are amazing thank you so much!

Therese Doyle says:

Fantastic exercise

Parvin Pooya says:

I have knee pain and enjoyed your video was the first time I visited
You are excellent thank you🙏

Denise Younger says:

Awesome just had cortisone shots and needed this

Lamai Sutichavengkul says:

Thank you .As I am 65 years old,recently I have a swelling knee. This exercise will help me to recover.The exercise is gentle and easy .
Very helpful for me.

Siti Aminah Chek says:

Is this exercise good for patients after knee surgery?

Aliya Mushtaq says:

Thanks a lot for these valuable exercises.Can you please share something to improve scoliosis problems in kids , when children have left or right shoulder blade become prominent due to curvature of their spine.I will be really thank full to you.

محمد المعولي says:


Rashmi Sahu says:

Very very effective exercise its work

carole vigeant says:

merciiiii !

Zonia Bernardo says:

Thank you for these knees execises. Bless you! I need to domthese daily before I get into new exercises for the other lower extremities! ❤️👏

Yvrose belony says:

I am actually going to try this exercise for my knee 😉

Trish Werner says:

Brilliant, thank you. As a 65 year old woman, have suffered knee joint pain for past 10 years and have been seeing a physiotherapist for past year, as I ended up only being able to walk with the help of a crutch. It’s getting better, but I really needed to find a set of daily exercises to strengthen the muscles to better support the knees. Your exercises are really helpful: clearly explained, perfect rhythm and I can really feel the stretches. Keep up the good work. Thank you for giving me hope so that I can avoid operations on both knees.

Vee Crossley says:

Do you do a full body workout on the chair please?

Vee Crossley says:

Hi, I have osteoarthritis in both my knees and this now effecting my hips. I am going to try this but I wanted to be able to tone my upper body as well. Do you do a full body cardio on the chair please.

Annie Yue says:

Very good demonstration and clear explanation! Thank you so much!

Margaret Yangni says:

Not able to see the exercise bcs of the writing

eaphen says:

Yours video is best video.please make another video for knees pashtuns for weight loss on chair.

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