Knee Strengthening Exercises For Runners

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There’s never a bad time to start strengthening those knees! Say goodbye to pain on the downhills with these knee strengthening exercises for runners!

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John Velghe says:

What do you suggest as a version of this exercise for people who don't have a partner to hold their knee for them? Is there a way to immobilize the knee against something? Or use a strap?

Kamalpreet Singh says:

I have cracking knees what should i do

Damian O says:

Love it. Simple illustration for easy understanding yet very USEFUL!!

StormLaker1975 says:

I have an old untreated knee injury… left knee makes a horrible "crunchy" noise when I do squats, I can't see myself doing the one legged version, but I do enjoy doing squats it's a great core exercise. I had a physical therapist get me into a routine of doing a couple sets of them daily after I hurt my knee over a decade ago.

Becca Turner says:

Thank you so much for this 🙌❤

A I says:

Awesome stuff as always. Ever since switching to a more midfoot/forefoot strike my knee pain has been eliminated. But I just got a treadmill and for some reason using the same shoes as outside (Altra) my knees kill me. Why? I do feel myself running very upright like my feet are more in front of my body. I first ran at about 2% incline (hurt knees). Then today I did zero incline (hurt knees again). What to do?

Gary Flannery says:

What transmitter or mic were you using that it didnt cut out when it wasn't in direct sight of the cam? It woud be great if you could help, thanks.

Alana Saunders says:

This was helpful! I have injuries in both knees exercise is sometimes debilitating!

Jo Putian says:

barefoot is more preferred?

Edward Azrilyan says:

The glutes are the key is what I got from this video..thank you

Pierre Scholtz says:

Great video – very informative

Jennifer Grove says:

Going to try and remember to do this every time I get in and out of my desk chair.
Thank you!

Mark Angelo Kallos says:

This is very informative! I'll use this tips and squats I hope it helps in my next run! 😇

Adrian Tregoning says:

Double thumbs up! Loved it. Thanks!

OB and The Drink says:

Great video, liked it so much I am going to start a crowd funding buy Elizabeth shoes page, reckon we can raise $100 by 2021 just in time for her next birthday.

A Singh says:

Wow seriously amazing

Too Late says:

Come on dude, just let the woman sit down on the damn bench.

Bilal Kirmani says:

Really useful information, man! It really makes a noticeable change. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work. You've earned a new subscribers❤
P.s: I had to re-watch the video to learn the concept because first time Elizabeth's smile was too distracting 😍

Bundy says:

Why do Americans use "coach" as an honorific? – especially when introducing one self.
To other English speaking cultures (and probably others), it sounds outrageously self-centred.

manish thapa says:

But how to do this when I am solo?

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