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This knee strengthening exercise routine is perfect to add to your workouts or just as a movement flow throughout the day that will help you to bulletproof your knees. Follow along with Human 2.0 strength and mobility coach Dan Jones for this 10 minute workout and practice preventative medicine and injury prevention for the knees!

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Knee strengthening exercises should be regular part of everyone’s fitness programming. The exercises included here are knee circles, the frog hop, the cossack squat, the step up, and a clock balance drill.

The great thing about this knee exercise routine is that you can do it practically anywhere because it doesn’t require any gym equipment. It’s also set up so you can do it on its own as a quick ten minute routine in the middle of the day. Or it can be included in a larger workout.

By doing exercises like this on a regular basis can go a long way to help PREVENT knee pain and knee injury from occurring in the first place. Incorporate these simple exercises into your fitness routine today. Don’t be afraid to give them a try! Remember to always use proper technique. Don’t rush. Be mindful and use intention when you are doing any type of exercise to get the full benefit.

Stay tuned to our channel as we add more bodyweight exercises, other strength training, mobility, stretch and flexibility, and conditioning exercises and workouts, and give more health and medicine-related tips.

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nfit says:

I just did the exercises and was having knee pain. Should I keep doing it?

sorabh jain says:

Any routine#2 for this ?

It's Me says:

I LOVE YOU AND YOUR EXERCISES!!! Thank you so much. Could you also do a knee workout where you do all reps with us. A full workout.

Emmanuel Alexis says:

Thanks man, God bless Im trying to get bulletproof nees

LadyBNatural says:

Iā€™m so thankful I found this channel! Thank you šŸ™šŸ¾

akshay sakpal says:

I have scar on my knee but when I do these exercises , sound comes from my left knee I am scared ,help me out. I am 28

Xzacter Gaming says:


cs92sfv says:

Thanks a lot for this it really helped me out.

ADHIL R says:

Very helpful video

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