Knee Exercises for Pain Free Leg Workouts (NO MORE PAIN!)

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Build ripped, athletic legs without knee pain with this workout…

Performing leg workouts and leg exercises can be difficult when dealing with knee pain. In this video, I show you two very big reasons why this happens, and most importantly, what leg exercises you should start doing to eliminate the knee pain and build stronger legs. I put on my physical therapist hat for you to explain the nuances of each exercise and what it means for you depending on your particular source of knee pain.

To start, you have to consider the type of knee pain you are dealing with. There are 4 very common sources of knee pain when working out. The first comes from the common osteoarthritis. This is the degeneration of the surfaces of the cartilage in the knee joint that often results in the bone on bone condition that can be painful during knee exercises and leg workouts. In general, exercise that cause you to drop down too low can be a problem for those that have this condition.

The second common source of knee pain is patellar tendonitis or patellofemoral syndrome. This particular type of pain will cause knee dominant exercises that displace the tibia forward as you perform the movement to be very problematic. With this type of knee pain, you need to fill your leg workouts with exercises that keep your shin more vertical as you perform them.

Likewise, having a torn ACL that has not been repaired successfully or not at all, will cause your knee to be unstable and susceptible to pain when performing certain leg exercises. When the ACL is not intact, your tibia will translate forward on your femur causing the knee to be unstable during leg exercises that cause the shin to tilt when performing them. As you’ll see in the video, this includes exercises like ass to grass squats and forward lunges.

Finally, if your knee pain is coming from a torn meniscus, you will also want to be sure to control the depth of your leg exercises. Causing too much flexion at the knee (particularly under load) will cause a meniscus to become much more susceptible to being pinched and painful. You must select exercises that control the depth of your knee bend if you want to keep your leg workouts pain free. You can select from exercises such as reverse lunges, step ups or the bulgarian split squat as long as you step out far enough when setting up to perform it.

Knee pain is a very common problem for those that work out. It becomes especially problematic when the pain you have in your knees prevents you from being able to do your leg workouts in the first place. This just leads to more weakness in your legs and knees which leads to more problems down the road. If you want to get back to having strong legs you need to do knee exercises that are correct for the problem you have.

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For more knee exercises for bigger legs or leg workouts you can do at home or at the gym, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at


Alex Luxx says:

I did all life squats without weights and had no issues with my knees, now when i use weights my knees are hurting like hell .

OB says:

God bless Jeff and Ben Patrick (knee over toes) for the amazing info they put for free. These guys are a life saver.

roc says:

step up triggers my left knee pain, as does hiking uphill, what could be the problem?

MichelleFouche1 says:

Wow Jeff, thanks man. been having knee pain with lunges and deep squats, inherited bad knees – soft cartilege. will definitely give these a try!

M Ramirez says:

Great info. The cussing is off-putting and unnecessary, tho.

Peter F says:

Great video. Can you do something on returning to training after calf tears.

Lisa Mabombo says:

Thank you soo much this was really helpful

Min Hwang says:

This is great! Thank you so much

Eldor Tulyaganov says:

Thanks so much 🚀🎯

Mason Lawlor says:

This guy has a great understanding of each and every muscle and how to both work it well but also with health in mind. Plus he has a sense of humor unlike a lot of these meatheads flocking to the gyms nowadays. Great stuff

Harold the Nihongo Student says:

Gosh thank God I watch this video.

Christopher Harris says:

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Truth Hitman says:

If your knee hurts then as soon as you bend it it will hurt and pain you regardless what this video says.

Teresa Faulk says:

This was an AWESOME explanation!!! Thank you so much!

J D says:

I'm working on the Ultimate Arms program and on Day 3, which includes the Bulgarian Squats. I was so afraid of doing those bc of my knee pain, but after watching this and another video of his, now I have more confidence in making sure I can do the exercise safely.

Jean Kelly says:

Thanks so much Jeff!!I wish I could have a personal train with you!!

ariiskuhl says:

Thank you so much for the informative content!

Derek N says:

My glutes been sore for two days after these exercises.. thanks Jeff

No knee pain
Great exercises

Thomas Lindberg says:

Best PT videos out there. Backward lounges helped me alot.

Foxeq says:

And still i feel pain in my knee on bulgarian squats, but problem with leg that is on the bench, not with one on the floor, it causing problem in my knee anyway

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