He Had KNEE PAIN With Every Squat!

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Cc says:

Do you have any practices in Arizona?

Un Breakable says:


Homem Sem nome says:

i have this exactly same problem

Pablo Fernandez says:

More manual therapy

Robbert van der Meijden says:

You are so full of shit it wouldnt surprise me if you regularly take dumps out of your mouth

Camron Goodall says:

Stretching is life saving knowledge

Jordan Chambers says:

edit I went to your website and read more and sent you a message lol. Thanks for everything you do!

Are there programs/trainers I can reach out to at squat university? Or is it just for YouTube? I'd love to connect with someone when I have the funds come in to make this available.

Mihai Lepadat says:

That's completely bullshit. 😒

freekaleek12100 says:

Man, I’ve been getting this recently in my left knee – but the pain in the back of the knee. I’ve been seeing a physio and they’re giving me ultrasound therapy and manual therapy once a week but I don’t feel it getting better and can’t really squat without it hurting. I do have a hip shift at the bottom of my squat towards my right side. Any ideas?

Shadow says:

You seem way better than my physio… where can I find this type of advanced treatment

GooZ says:

How is this doctor called? I want to find such doctor at my local area

Anneece Carter says:

Test my legs! I wanna be more flexible

Dibowac123414 says:

Peace and Christ bless you all!
Stay safe everyone!
Good advice from this video!

ssousa1972 says:

So what would you recommend someone do when their hips get tight from having an octopus blow them. Just curious.

JayTheMachine says:

Major pain: “ya leggg hurt? 😈 Want me to take yo mind off dat legg? 😈 let me see yo finga”😈

Rushi says:

hey squat university, can you help me with my bar placement, I find it incredibly difficult to place bar on my traps so i place is on neck which is painful for max weight please help with my shoulder mobility

Chris Olson says:

Punch the guy in the groin and see if he still has pain in his knee cap.

Mikołaj Stasiaczek-Drewicz says:

I started doing warmups for squats bench press and deadlift just like you and your guests showed. Amazing how my body is working better. Amazing job. Thank u!

Tiaan v H says:

So cool how much people can benefit from these tips

nolan clay says:

I really do appreciate all of your informative videos. Several of them have really helped me out thank you

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