You Can’t Build Muscle Over 35 Without TRT!

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A recent video I did sparked someone to comment that you cannot look good, build muscle or be athletic over the age of 35 unless you are on TRT. For those who are not sure what that is, TRT is testosterone replacement therapy. Some would have you believe that seeing any kind of progress after a certain age is dependent on you resorting to synthetic means and shortcuts. That is simply not true.

In this video, I’m going to tell you the real problem with making statements like this. Honestly, they have no impact on me personally, even when those statements expand into accusations that I achieve my look by using the same things. I can tell you that as a one hundred percent natural lifter my entire life, there is nothing more encouraging and rewarding than someone believing you use drugs to look the way you do. It is mind blowing actually, especially considering that fact that I used to train at home exclusively or pick odd hours to train at a gym so that I would not have to run into too many people since I already felt self conscious about my body and my strength.

No, the real harm in these kind of statements, especially those made with such conviction, is that they do two incredibly bad things. First, they lower the bar on what is possible. Are you kidding me? No gains after the age of 35? Really? I bet you can think of 5 guys right away that look better after the age of 40 than they did in their 20’s and they have resorted to nothing but hard work, a commitment to training and most importantly, eating well.

The second big thing is this “loser” and “quitter” mentality serves to discourage those on the fence from starting to dedicate themselves from improving their level of fitness. Think about it. If you are not committed to training and you are online looking for videos on how to get started and you run across that comment, you’re going to possibly be defeated before you even begin. You may think, it’s not in the cards for me either. He’s right. There is no hope for me since I’m not going to be able to take things like TRT so I can’t look good.

What happens is this. The quitter, angry about his inability to commit (and refusing to look himself in the mirror and admit that his efforts have been anything but truly committed and stellar) wishes to drag others into his misery and disappointment. Nobody likes to fail alone. Always remember that. If they can find a way to discourage or disparage the achievements of others it somehow makes them feel better about themselves and their inability to achieve.

I have to say, in almost every one of these instances, if I were to actually watch a workout performed by this type of individual it would not be anywhere near the level of effort needed to make change. If I were to analyze their nutrition for even a single day, it wouldn’t take me more than 4 seconds to identify exactly why they don’t have the level of body fat they are desiring. Unfortunately, you won’t get this information. The person who leaves these type of comments hides behind their own insecurities and never shares the real truth about why they have failed.

But this is not you. You watch this channel because you want the best, most scientific, no nonsense advice on how to train like an athlete, eat like an athlete and look like an athlete 365 days a year without resorting to dangerous drugs or gimmicks. You want to be natural, train natural, and live healthy for many years to come. Well, for you I can tell you that you are in the right place. Every single thing I show you on this channel is doable and obtainable if you put in just one thing, effort. My look is one hundred percent obtainable if you pair consistency up with that effort.

You can do this. Don’t ever let anyone else try and make you stray from that path. If you are looking for a program that can help you make this simpler than ever to follow, head to and use our program selector to get the program best suited to your current goals. Burn fat, build muscle and look better than ever before at any age by training like an athlete and letting me coach you for the next few months.

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ATHLEAN-X™ says:

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Jeremiah A says:

I'm 39 and I still ocassionally get told I take steroids. People are clueless.

Indestructible Television says:

I'm 45 and loving it.

Ajay Randhawa says:

good message bro

Shivam Ph. says:

Hey guys I just turned 30 and wants to start working out. Is it possible to gain muscles at this age. I am skinny and athletic. Is there any routine where I can start?

JamesBarriere says:

I am overweight and think I look better than you, which angers me. your deltoid and traps are kinda small. I just wanted info for me not blablablabla about you. didnt wanna hate but the vanity is astonishing, fitness should be called something else at this point because its about FEELING better not LOOKING "better than" _____….

Ali Haideri says:

50 y and still training

thalai143 says:

Just turned 30 and this is the first video on my YT recommendation

Darrin Lalla says:

I'm in my 40's. I don't use your programs but follow your channel. I look and feel great. Thanks for the advice.

yugasurfer says:

I am bro and I'm not on hormone replacement therapy or whatever you call it I'm a beast

Ponyboy Gonzales says:

I’m 32 still in good shape, idk about this random dude

Shawn Ward says:

Now I want carrot cake

Sho Ballotti says:

Might be my favorite video of yours.

Lunaticus says:

I can add something to your rant: I'm 34 and had some spinal cord problems, which causes severe problems in my ability to use my legs up to the belly button. As I got surgery years ago, some of the opinions of my medical doctors were like "You might never recover." at best and at that time I needed a wheelchair. But as I sat there I really didn't want to sit in a wheelchair like this for the rest of my life (was around 27 back then). So still at the hospital I started to train all the "free" time I had. On the day I got out I was able to go the stairs. And now? I'm still "disabled" – however I outperform anyone on a bicycle and walking speed and recently I'm now able to run at least for some steps. If I went for the medical doctors opinion, I still would be in the wheelchair, as spinal cord damage won't disappear.

Troy C says:

I’m 35 I’m skinny 5’7 130, starting today hopefully I can get to 5’7 150 wish me luck

Bandana Banana! says:

Doesn't that statement fall under the guidelines of "liable" which is a punishable offense by law?

J S says:

I'm 35 with back, elbow and a knee issue and I'm natural asf other than black seed it helps me and I'm doing great at lifting. I want to feel better so maybe my motivation is just high.

blagerthorp nonersense says:

When the pandemic hit my wife and I changed our diets and we bought gym equipment for our house because we didn’t want to go to the YMCA with COVID running amok. Now I’m down 40 lbs and my biceps are 2 inches bigger around, and I’ll be 38 in about a month. I still have further to go but it that commenter is way off, you don’t need PTSDs to get in shape, just hard work and commitment.

Rip Roaring Garage says:

Then what hope do I have with a broken body, demoralized by all these other guys constantly telling you, that you cant cant cant…Most days I tell them screw off…today, they got to me.

Yeah, and the same people telling me I cant do all these things are the same ones shitting there shirtless and talking about unrealistic goals…Greg, yeah…you. Whatever. Fine, you got me, you got me to cut my leg day short, and fail.

Trish Bech says:

Well said Jeff!

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