Top Treatment For Bicep Tendonitis (Physical Therapy DIY)

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From “Famous” Physical Therapists, Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, demonstrate the top treatment for Bicep Tendinitis per viewer request.

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Rudy Fajrin Amin says:

I was skeptic , touch that for 2 secs, the pain is gone! Amazing

Hedayat Haddadi says:

I couldn't believe that I am relived after 3 months of arm and shoulder pain in less than 24 hours. I did exercises in combination of other exercises in other movie for biceps.

Jamie says:

Wow this is old school. Great vid.

ASI tsunami says:

1 year very very pain

dsorvita says:

Awful audio

Beryl Battrick says:

Is a tear in the muscle or tendon of the upper arm repairable, with exercise?

The health key Zhao says:

FuzzballToday says:

Go Lung Green Bay Packers! Aaron Rodgers needs you to help win a super bowl..I love you Aaron!

Gino Ferreri says:

Why would you guys wear long sleeve shirts on this video to demo on bicep tendonitis?!?! That's funny in and of itself.

Craig Ormsby says:

You don't know what you're talking about you only in flame the injury by rubbing or massage it ice first if it is sore

Charles Gund says:

I find that a lot of these videos focus solely on treatment of symptoms rather than addressing underlying causes…which would have a much greater impact on treatment and prevention of the problem in the future. What would be useful is a video tackling the relationship of these injuries to the surrounding tissues and muscles. Also the role of nutrition. This is like treating a wound without removing the infection. This is all my opinion of course.

Marc Abbink says:

Thanks guys this really helped me..! Strong like bull! 😃👍🏼

Tristan Wegner says:

Oh wow. The sound quality in 2014 was bad compared to what you deliver nowadays. Also audio is delayed compared to the visual.

Cathy McCormick says:

You guys are the best! Many of your videos have helped me so much, and your humor raises my spirits. I’m a retired PA, and I rspect and trust your knowledge.

JL says:

lol…y'all need to consider remaking these. We love you guys but you're asking a lot of your viewers with this video. Seriously, remake it. I need it. lol Love both you.

LPD says:

Before you go digitally irritating your poor tendon please consider a suggestion I saw on another physio video I unfortunately neglected to save. Put the affected arm in front of you with the palm of the hand facing your face. Place the other hand palm down into the first one. Then pull toward your face with the first hand while pushing/resisting with the other.

Lunar Module says:

I had pain on the lower bicep. I massaged the biceps itself without any progress. Then I was told to massage my forearm, and tadam! My forearm was super tight. Try that! Thx.

Sejal Ana Dsouza says:

Thank you so much😍 it helped

Auric Goldfinger says:

The less you stretch an inflamed tendon the better. Let it rest. These gentlemen don’t have a real grasp of the anatomy or presentation of biceps tendinitis

Paul Rowland says:

What about the other end of the long head

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