Five simple exercises seniors can do at home

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With the elderly and vulnerable being advised to stay at home during the COVID-19 crisis, the importance of staying active as never been greater. ECU exercise science expert Professor Ken Nosaka has a simple workout seniors can do from the comfort of home with no equipment needed.


Sarah Lartius says:

The subtitles are not needed at all. Due to it we can't see the exercises being done. Please STOP THE SUBTITLES.

Vincent Ebenezer Rajkumar says:

Super Excise to easy do Thank you

Joki P says:

I love this video. It's nice, simple and manageable. Some of the other videos I've seen are too difficult for a senior who isn't used to exercising.

Helen Mann says:

Great to have the demonstation and easy to follow.

Dr Jenny Brockis says:

Excellent resource Many thanks Professor Ken

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