Biceps Tendonitis – Stretches and Fascial Release

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Dr. Joe DeMarco, chiropractor and owner of OcraMed Health, discusses two common causes of bicep tendonitis. Biceps tendonitis is a very common injury among weight lifters and many active individuals.

First, tightness in the pronator muscles of the forearm, can lead to bicep tendonitis of the distal tendon of the biceps. Dr. Joe demonstrates how to perform massage ball rolling of the pronator teres. He then demonstrates how to perform fascial release of the pronator teres. Keeping the pronator teres muscle loose will take pressure off of the distal portion of the biceps.

Next, Dr. Joe discusses how tightness of the internal rotator muscles of the shoulder will cause biceps tendonitis in the proximal tendons of the biceps. Once again, Dr. Joe demonstrates how to use a massage ball in this area and then performs two different stretches to loosen the internal rotators of the shoulder.

With some consistent work, biceps tendonitis can be avoided.

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Jason Fury says:

To all my fellow T_rex's out there

C Paul says:

Finally…a knowledgeable chiropractor

Orphydian▪Workout says:

Around 13:30 how is that externally rotating like that would help with internal rotation?


After playing volleyball .bicep pain is too hardd

Mateo Green says:

Day 1 of the tightness in the bicep and shoulder these stretches have helped significantly. Thank you

Koroem says:

Great video

axn army says:

Please tell me until the arm not get ok . untill we can't go to gym ? Or we can go to gym.

JL says:

Had shoulder surgery in February. By May I started getting this searing pain exactly as you described here. I kept gobbling anti-inflammatories and kept icing my arm for the illusion of some relief. Began thinking my surgeon wasn't fessing to a surgical goof, despite my shoulder actually doing much better. So I found your video this last week and began doing the stretches you suggest here. I kid you not, for the first time in many months, I went a whole night without pain, then the whole next day and night and day!! I'm repeating the stretches daily and this is I think day four. I just wanted to thank you for helping me with a problem that was making my life unbearable. Sincerely, Joy

XezeriK says:

Dude you are a saint, non of these other wack job youtubers get so into detail on the anatomy and explain so in depth why these problems occur and how to properly treat them. Im gonna get a tai chi ball and do these exercises and hopefully my arms will be in better shape soon!

Six Kings says:

This video is very helpful tyvm

Stijn van Arkel says:

For my feeling the inside of my elbow looks a little weird will this go away?

PipeRhymes says:

Does this work for tendinosis?

Marc Abbink says:

Also found my bicep tendon in my shoulder and did some cross fiber massage on that as well! I feel like a new man thank you so much joe!

Marc Abbink says:

Thanks so much for pointing this out! I've had pain in my elbow for years thinking it was because of my cell phone. Did some cross fiber massage on my bicep tendon in my elbow and it feels great just after one session. You cured it thank you so much! 😃👍🏼

Masterslize says:

What if i cant press it flat in rotation?

j d says:

Damn all this time I thought I had a recurrent brachialis or brachio radicalis but putting the thumb I felt huge pain right away AND release of the pain , can you do this everyday , multiple times a day

jair says:

hit the gym for the first time in a while and can’t straighten my arm, is it normal ?

Krwler says:

Thanks for this, literally saved me


👌 Awesome!

William Dilworth says:

Thanks! Really needed this. Been stretching the hell out of my upper arm and getting nowhere… but it was the forearm the whole time!

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