Yoga Techniques to overcome Sciatica Pain | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

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Tame your sciatica pain with these simple management tips. You don’t have to live a life of compromises anymore. Learn the reason behind the pain and ways to manage the symptoms to a happy pain free movement.

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Dipankar Bhaduri says:


suneela pradhan says:

My pain has shifted from right side to left side now ..what should be done?

Dr. Hema Lale says:

Please suggest asanas for sciatica during pregnancy

chandu kala says:

Mam, what is your opinion about physiotheraphy TENS

Harsha Thakur says:

I have disc bulge l4 l5 s1. There is constant pain in my left thigh back side. Can i do these exercises. PLs reply.

Kamar Suja says:

Iam suffering from severe right leg scaitic pain can I do

Anupama D. Bhattarai says:

Mam can you tell a yoga asana,food and solution to person who had a L5S1 siatica operation 6 yrs ago and still always there is pain discomfort.

Jeetendra N. Khatri says:

Madam is this video for tailbone pain ? I'm suffering frm tailbone pain

AjAj says:

does sciatica goes away completely after doing yoga for some days

Joyce Cardoni says:

What to do if you have pinched nerve causing sciatic nerve pain?

Aruna Annamalai says:

Can we go for walking when we have the pain

Latha Ganesh says:

Greetings and pranams Ma'am… Had a clarification.. should the affected leg be bent while doing the asanas ??

zahra aamir says:

How can you loose weigth with it

Iris. Fuentes Castellano says:

I can't get on the floor I will try but I just I had knee surgery on my left leg

Anastasia Mathura says:

Very informative thanks for sharing

Lili kadber Lileshwari sahu says:

Mam can we do this all exercises during pregnancy it's onwards 7 month

Seethalakshmi says:

Indha aasanaas lam two sides m pannanumaa maa

Seethalakshmi says:

Maa.. Tq u so much ammaaaaa for this wonderful video…

Musik Nation says:

Thnk u …got relieved from pain …

Vaibhav Shrivastav says:

I lost two jobs only by scitica pain

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