Tailored stretching: Knee exercises (for arthritis and joint pain)

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In this gentle fifteen-minute follow-along stretching video, physiotherapist Jay Milomo is joined by James who lives with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Together they demonstrate commonly recommended movements for knee pain or stiffness. Keep knees supple by doing exercises including quadriceps strengthening, straight leg raise and sit to stand.

Designed to be incorporated into your daily routine, these exercises can be done anywhere and make use of everyday items.

Time: 15 mins

Items to bring along: Towel, it will also be helpful if you have a chair and a sturdy step (or stair) nearby.

This series is part of Let’s Move, a programme for people with arthritis who want more movement in their lives. Sign up today to the free newsletter to receive all the latest content to help you to get active in a way that works for you: https://action.versusarthritis.org/page/64082/-/1.


Jean North says:

Can you do these if you are 2weeks after arthosopy


There is no way on earth I can do the sit to stand and back. Maybe you could suggest ways to build up to this exercise for those of us with much less mobility?

Hopeful One says:

Very helpful. Thanks

1jackieworcs says:

Hi there – great exercises – just started today – I have osteoarthritis in both knees

Vignesh AR says:

Superb very helpful sir 👏
Is it recommended to do ice or hot bag needs to after/before the excercises????

Sarah Power says:

Wow just done my first set. Such a great set of movements. Although the final one my stiffest most painful knee, currently in flare up will only allow me to move my foot an inch or two towards my bum. Didn't try to push it so hope it's OK to do it this way. Thanks for the vid Jay and James. 😊

Manju's yoga & dance says:

Amazing routine, loved it and instantly felt the difference. Thank you very much.

Sandra Law says:

I cannot believe how your exercises are helping me. Your feet and ankles exercises are amazing. I can walk with little pain in my knee now.
They are magical. Thank you both for sharing. Keep up the good work. I really am so happy the difference the exercises are making.
I can do these in my own time. Sitting standing or wherever in am I am practicing them. Thanks so much.

Jackie Madden says:

These exercises are really good love the way jay shows how to do it and does them with you

David Abashidze.casual says:

Hello,I have fluid on my knee, do you recommend doing this exercises,will it make difference?

Patricia Williams says:

Great. Easy exercises to follow. With a dodgy knee I am hoping these exercises will help strengthen the muscles and hopefully delay a knee op.

Alexis Kelly says:

very good – not too demanding. However I do wish they would look to camera and not over on one side

christina chetwynd says:

Thank you guys for a well presented exercises for the knees. I will include them in my daily routine, as I do have both knees bone on bone, and have been having trouble going up and down the stairs. They are easily doable and not too challenging. Thank you

Jay Brooke says:

Good exercises… shame the NHS didn't show me them 3 years ago when I sprained my knee

Gaynor Williams says:

Great, thank you. I had right knee replaced 15 weeks ago and left knee replaced 3 weeks ago. I've already been doing these exercises but it's good to check I'm doing them properly and for little reminders as I'm doing them, e.g. "tighten those abs". It's also good that they're being done by someone who actually has arthritis. Thank you both.

Lynne Greaves says:

Very helpful. I’m 10 days after total knee replacement. Didn’t manage them all but will keep doing them thank you

Isabelle Henderson says:

Plus- being two young lads you don’t feel like Methuselah doing them! 🤣

Isabelle Henderson says:

These are excellent exercises. Not too over demanding so that you are put off and stop doing them , but challenging enough so you feel a difference. Jay is a great teacher helping you know exactly where your feet should be pointing etc. He and James demonstrating them also helps so much.

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