Shoulder Impingement Exercises To Avoid

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Here’s our guide on shoulder impingement exercises to AVOID, including how to modify your shoulder exercises so that you can continue to exercise in the gym.

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— Shoulder Impingement Exercises to AVOID —

Shoulder impingement is a rotator cuff related shoulder injury, which can really limit your ability to perform normal activities of daily living, let alone continue to train in the gym. In this video, we cover what shoulder impingement exercises to avoid (and how to modify them), so that you can break the cycle of shoulder impingement, and allow your painful rotator cuff tendons to settle down and recover. We’ll also share a bonus hack to help you reduce your shoulder impingement pain fast.

DISCLOSURE: This is not medical advice or a treatment plan and is intended for general education purposes only. This video should not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any health, medical or physical condition. If you are suffering from pain or injury, then seek tailored medical advice from a qualified health professional. Consult your healthcare professional before doing anything contained in this video.


vma FarAH says:

We need time stamps.

robby dimmitt says:


Sagar Nagaraj Simha says:

very nice video. helpful content. But you tend to repeat yourself a lot while I wait for the actual information.

marco cruz says:

Hi, I was diagnosed with shoulder impingement a month ago. While recovering, what exercises can I do for adding mass to my back at the gym?

Ali Ce says:

I got hurt at work and starting feeling this pain and it’s been 7 weeks drs said it was calcification and now they’re doing an mri because the pain doesn’t coincide with calcification. But this video makes so much sense. I will tell
my dr and therapists this is exactly what I’ve been feeling.

The Klutz says:

I get pain even just by doing regular bicep curls. I know the front delts are still involved, but it really ruins working out

Kazi Rahman says:

Very informative video, thanks.

Kohler Graphics says:

Excellent. Thank you.

Clyde Villegas Productions says:

I feel pain on my shoulder when doing bicep curl. Is that related to impingement? Should i rest for a couple of days and go back to exercise only when pain is completely gone? Or should i continue exercising if the shoulder pain is tolerable as long as i'm doing the exercises correctly? Thanks!

Sand Spyd3r says:

What about the overhead press? This exercise seems to be even more aggravating than the bench press. Any recommended modifications so as to not lose gains during recovery?

Kissy Caballero says:

Well explained thank you for this video 🤗

Jonathan Wyble says:

Reverse grip bench press can also be helpful to those seeking to keep training while rehabbing their impingement. Powerlifting coaches tell trainees to keep their elbows as close to the ribcage as possible (relative to grip width) during the bench press. Obviously, we don't want to emulate geared lifters who use a super wide grip to reduce bar travel distance. When you're ready to resume the standard bench press, you could go consider going one finger narrower on the ring markers than you had been. It will demand more of your triceps to put up a big weight, but it might be a wise choice for your lifting longevity if your elbows are sound. Another common exercise I would avoid during a time of shoulder impingement is dips.

rai swarnim says:

How about dumbell shoulder press

govand ahmed says:

thank you very much. helpful information

nick zeshan says:

You should explain it with doing it not just talking…. I'll give you thumb down

Zodinsanga Khiangte says:

Really helpful… Thanks

sandeep Bhatti says:

Exactly 😓 i was hurt my both shoulders my lateral raises exercise by which i always feel low strength while doing upper body workout 😪 Because of shoulder impingement .

GreyWolf says:

Should I stop doing pushups? More specifically diamond pushups?

X Willy says:

Very informative video, but the flickering text was very distracting.

Andrea Kolman says:

Thank you!!

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