How to Fix Sciatica (START TO FINISH)

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Sciatica describes a pain that starts in your low back or hip and radiates down the back side of your thigh. There however is NO “one size fits all” treatment to fix because this injury can occur in many different ways. Today Dr. Aaron Horschig teaches you how to uncover the cause of your sciatica and how to take the first steps to fixing it.

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Eve HAWA SOW says:

Démonstration Excellente Merci

brodygoalie says:

When I put my left heal down when walking is when the pain shoots through my buttock. Not fun. But I believe it's coming from my L4 L5 facet joint area. Please help! Thank you

Rubí Collier says:

Hello, so l have piriformis pain for about 3 weeks now and i been scared to move and make it worse stretch everything and I'am worried because I start the Police Academy this month and I need to be able to run and train like before. I did the test and I have long piriformis, but I have had an cortisone injection on Friday. When should I begin to strengthen that muscle? I need help!

Steven Fromer says:

Excellent explanation

Garden Like a Viking says:

bro…. this video is a beautiful gift!!… thank you very much

Kojo1 Aikins says:

Pain geting worese when i do these workout

Nahum Gardner says:

Ive a sciatica and psoas pain since many month and appareas when il sitting

TL Strength & Conditioning says:

Hi, my sciatica kicks in when I'm laying on my back, and comes within minutes. Only had this for the last couple of weeks. Would the piriformis stretches and exercises ( for long and short) help this do you think? Many thanks for any reply.

judy hack says:

Hello, Thank you for this! I have a question that is related I think. I have terrible pain from my lower back on the right-hand side which goes all the way around my hip and into the groin and down the front of my thigh. I cannot walk up steps without stabbing pain in my groin with each step, and I am now also limping while walking. It is so debilitating. I do not have pain down the back of my leg at all by the way. My symptoms are definitely worsened by sitting for long periods of time. I do not know what to do about it. I have had it for about 4 months now and is driving me crazy! Please help if you can. Thanking you kindly!

Jim B says:

What would your opinion be on sciatica that comes on specifically when breathing and bracing? If I deadlift with out bracing and taking a big breath in I have no sciatica but as soon as I take a breath and compress it my sciatica comes on instantly down the backs of my legs… is there any obvious cause for my situation ?

All mix videos says:

I’m suffering lower back pain from last 3 years, it started Because of dead lifting in wrong posture. I could bare the pain in starting but from last 15 months it is killing me, I can’t stand for more than 5 mins and can’t drive car for a long time. I did MRI test 2 times and got to know that I’m having slip disc in L4 and L5, S1 and many other problems in my back. I’m been taking cared by a physiotherapist from last 5 6 weeks. But nothing is helping me out. I have sciatica pain in both the legs and can’t stretch my legs in seating position. NOW I started doing McGill 3 exercises and will be doing the exercise’s shown in this video. I’m not able figure out which type of sciatica pain I have…so better I’ll do all the exercises. I wanted to ask that can I do LEG EXTENSIONS and GLUTE PRESS in gym ? Cuz my trainer suggested me to do that but in the video Doctor is telling not to stretch our legs…? Doctor or anyone from you can please suggest me what to do ?

Tank Muhammad says:

When I sit… I stand up and the pain in my left glute is crazy! I have to stand still for 2 to 3 minutes before I can move….

Health Glows says:

Thank you for these valuable tips!

Joe blow goes says:

I love your content, you not only go into how to fix it, but how to determine what's causing it. You video was the only one that went to into causes other than lower back.

Στέφανος Μιχαηλίδης says:

Hi! I have sciatica like 5 months now
My o5 and i1 discs
With only the nerve flow and my opposite position is wanna fix it ?
In my work I’m sitting in a chair I’m trying to take a walk when I can

John Goh says:

Dr. Aaron, can sciatica cause weakness to the legs and affect your walking?

Vic LTD says:

Wish I could find a decent physio in my country…

Adam Happer says:

Blew my L5 in 2014 (MRI confirmed). Went to Chiropractor who specialized in Sports injuries (Dr. Arturo Presas, NC). Treatment included core strengthening, laser, tens machine. Best thing I could've done. 3 months later, it went back. No surgery needed. Like it never happened. Fast forward to this year. Started working at an airhub loading cargo jets. Not much physical activity (machines do most of work), but my right side Sciatica is now giving me discomfort. I did you exercise's and narrowed it down to either long or short piriformis. Pain doesn't radiate down my right leg, it's mostly in the lower right side butt area. Your stretches definitely help. I also have a tens machine I use which also gives relief. I'm going to a Pain Management Dr in July. Have been having issue for the past 3 weeks or so. Do you think Pain Management is the way to go, or should I seek Chiropractic treatment ?

Mark Garcia says:

Thanks for the video. I have Right L4 Radiculopathy. Will these exercises work or is there any videos you can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

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