How to Fix Knee Pain in Seconds (This Works)

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: How to Fix Knee Pain in Seconds (This Works)

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LR Marrero says:

These guys need to be famous world wide.

Irma Ayers says:

So I've recently had a prolapse surgery and now I some swelling in front of mt right knee and a lot of pain and weakness in the back of my knee

Romelia Polly says:

Try Weed Born oils

NL jay says:

Bro not me on this and I’m 11 that suffers from a injury like a year ago and I can’t play foot ball at full paste any more because my knee ass a crazy pain

Adas Tekorius says:

I literally clicked the video and the pain was gone

paul neri says:

Good you have subtitles.

Kristen Chaffee says:

Thanks Bob and Brad! I just spent the last few days packing, then moving and then unpacking and my knee was killing me-I did the exercise to move the knee up and down and side to side and also twist the tibia fibia (I think? ) opposite direction.

Immediate relief! Now I can walk to the freezer and make an ice pack haha

• Nellbell • says:

Um I’m under 13 is that concerning??

Anti Robert says:

Hmm . Interesting I’m a teenager and my knee bent the opposite way now it hurts and I can’t walk and I can bearly stand up

Stefano Sieda says:

Who is also a soccer player

Random gaming girl says:

Im Watching this cuz I landed wrong when I did a backflip at gymnastics

Gamerelite55 says:

Me as 12 years old

Liam Hedin Damian says:

Bro i’m 13

J Runna says:

Shout out to which ever one of you is the Vikings Fan ….. SKOL !!!

SNEAKY 89 says:

Me as a teenager
I've flat feet u have any advice

Sue O says:

I was just riding a bike😖
What did I do?!

Hasan Fogi says:

Me watching it at 9 yrs old 😹

Misty Marley says:

Thank God for people with this attitude. Especially in this field where it's lacking. I love you guys!! <3

Gavgamer says:

I’m 15 and knees been hurting for 8 months, had to wait through track and cross country season because I can’t run, hopefully this helps

Jeffrey Schatz says:

Me watching this as a 44 yr old🦿🖕🏾😂

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