Arthritis Advice: Walking

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Arthritis Society physiotherapist Ingrid Beam presents simple tips to help people with arthritis incorporate walking in their activities, as one of the best ways to help strengthen joints and improve mobility.


V C Inginshetty says:

What is the rate no 10 shoes

Manju Rangra says:

Thank you for your talk

Pam Tebelman says:

what brand of shoe are you showing in this video?

Janice Harley says:

My knees are crying out to me I guess it's time for Surgery just not looking forward to it!Janice Harley

The health key Zhao says:

Let's talk-@ Dr Manisha Malhotra says:

Elizabeth Taylor says:

My hips only give me so many steps a day. I push myself constantly, yet my back, hips, knee, and ankles tell me to lay down….

Barefoot Prof says:

Studies have shown the thicker and more supportive the shoe the more falls. People lose their proprioperception. Walk barefoot around the house a bit. For outside, choose a thinner sole shoe that allows you some "feel" of the environment. Nothing worse than huge thick soled Elmer Fudd shoes.

Tarun Chauhan says:

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Heba Hosni says:

The shoes tips are so useful

Mary Ellen Putnam-Reinhardt says:

Yes, I need better shoes 👟!

susaana moreno says:

Cómo puedo obtener eso zapatos con mi seguro Healthfirst

Manzana says:

Hi, where can I get those 2 canes?

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