Airrosti Injury Spotlight: Rotator Cuff Exercises & Stretches

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Rotator cuff injuries can limit your range of motion and cause aggravating pain. Join Airrosti’s Dr. Crisp as he discusses the anatomy of the rotator cuff and demonstrates easy exercises to help prevent and relieve nagging shoulder pain.
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gie says:

What if the pain you feel is behind your shoulder?

Michael corrigan says:

Can i get the girl to help me with my workout too.

Stacy Williams says:

I had pain with every exercise 😣 shoulder, elbow, back, lower neck etc….😖

Mikey says:

Note for myself, exercises start @1:26

Roblox YouTube Gaming Channel says:

Awesome presentation very simple and effective thank you and God bless..

madi martin says:

thank you for this. My mattress is awful and my pectoral muscle along with my shoulder and down the front of my upper arm are very sore and painful

Light fighter says:

night time cant lay sideways

L Sa says:

Thank you for the post! It is my left shoulder that is injured. Should I do the exercises for that shoulder only, or both to balance them? Thank you!

zexjs says:

I get a really bad burning feeling when doing the the one where you lay on your side, is that bad?

Dawit’s Creative Studio says:

I wanna know what video HE watched. 😂😂

joe lynch says:

Я люблю большие сиськи

Turntables Rockmyworld says:

Why do you assume pain is in front, all my pain has been at back with cuff issues,

Samarthya Rishabh says:

I played cricket for 3 days and the front of my shoulder is in heavy pain

Highest Standards says:

I’m glad all my questions are good:) also thanks for the info, really helped.

danny cantu says:

Mt shoulder is swollen got something for that?

WordStat PRO says:

What would be the more serious problems? I get excruciating pain when trying to the side exercises. I've been diagnosed with tears in labrum and cuff. Where do I go from there?

one billion says:

Thanks for this..

fried castle says:

thank you. very helpful indeed.

TBP says:

Very simple and straightforward exercises for beginners. Thank you.

overkill1994 says:

Thank you! Now I gotta figure out where the actual source of discomfort and audible creaking is coming from hahah. Appreciate the info though. It'll work good on my other arm!

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