3 Simple Exercises for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

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3 simple, easy to follow exercises that will improve muscular strength around the knee to relieve pain, increase mobility, and lessen the risk of falls.


Eddie Kulp says:

That stepping up in last exercise would cause all weight on bad knee , How would that help ?

Brandon Murphy says:

Straight leg raises, long arc quads, lateral step ups

Prim Richardson says:

There's also a good program in Treat Your Own Knee Arthritis at Amazon.

marion squire says:

thanks for sharing

Santos Banuelos says:

Thank you very much for your help

Public Name says:

Locking out knees or even trying to is excruciating.

jack P. says:

The best program I've found is the one in Treat Your Own Knee Arthritis at Amazon.

romaine ford says:

Thanks.my cartleges are worn in both knees from playing sport.i shall try your 3 exercises.Romaine

Josephine Vaz says:

Thank you so much 😊

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singh unisons says:

Thank you sir

swapna sewak says:

Kindly advise how to climb stairs with knee pain

Baby Ghany says:

Msm and dmso for joint pain

Baby Ghany says:

Msm or dmso for pain

Rajinder Singh says:

Thanks very useful

a ectoman says:

What causes one knee (the formerly dominant one) to painfully hyperextend under resistance, when the other (the newly dominant) is pain free and functioning normally at the same time and under the same resistance? This happens to me when I try to deadlift a relatively light barbell, (for me) even though I can squat without pain or hyperextension under a much heavier one. Does this happen often to people who have little or no cartilage? I am in my late sixties, and the problem in my right knee began about 6 years ago. Thank you.

Catherine Ramsay says:

How do you manage to straighten the knee when it is to sore

synoan leathercraft جلديات صنوان says:

a woman have severe paincan she do this exrcises and also have aKnee arthrosis

Dominica Willems says:

Thank you i will begin to do it tomorrow

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