Pool Noodle Aqua Aerobic Workout – Full Body Exercise with Coaching Beginner/ Senior – 1 hour

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Aqua Fitness Coach Stacy will show you how to exercise in your pool using a noodle. Stacy enjoys bringing you a variety of moves so that you always have fun and never get bored. Follow along with Stacy she teaches you basic athletic movements to do in your pool, no complicated choreography. This workout is complete with a warm up, cardio and toning with a pool noodle for resistance and then we finish up with a stretch. If you are new to pool exercise, or are looking for a fun pool noodle workout, please join in and see what it’s all about. Beginner to Intermediate levels will enjoy this workout as options for different intensities are given throughout. No swimming needed….all standing exercises in a small space. I hope you enjoy this free water workout! ***This workout also included AD free on my on-demand page.
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Find out how beneficial pool workouts can be!
0:00 Intro then Warm Up
12:30 Pool Noodle Workout
35:45 Water Break
50:17 Stretch & ROM

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Join me as we get FIIT in your pool!

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Margaret Rosenberg says:

Love this workout! Where can I get a big noodle like that?

Carolann1956 says:

Just found your video! It was great. Would like to print it but can’t seem to find it

Diane Burt says:

Loved this pool workout my sister and I both did it!,,

Fudgicle says:

Hi Stacy. Really like your videos, especially this one. I'm just getting back into swimming and wanted to incorporate the noodle (since it's inexpensive & widely available) so your workout looks awesome. One request – this video doesn't have the underwater shots as some of your others do, and I really miss that. The underwater shots are great for clarification of feet placement, etc. Otherwise, great video!

Minerva Caldwell says:

Love this workout so much! I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to workout with you live. You are the best!

Sandy Mundy says:

Stacy, I love your water aerobics exercise thank you

Barbara Cole says:

I've tried a lot of water aerobics videos. This was definitely a favorite! Thank you!

June Scarlett says:

You're fabulous, I enjoy working out with you..

Mrs.RY Robinson says:

Excellent! Thank you for having it available for seniors, like me!

Trish Shanti says:

Lovely Thankyou, will try some of them on my next pool visit.much love to you and viewers πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘‹

Aongelic Obie says:

That was wonderful! Thank you

Evghenia Gehringer says:


Maddie C says:

You are a fabulous instructor !!!! xo

denise ellis says:

I'm so happy I found this workout!! I'm working out 3 times per week and enjoy the alone time in the pool. It is now my peaceful, happy place. Thank you.

Evghenia Gehringer says:


Mahamed Jemal says:

α‰ αŒ£αˆ አαˆͺፍ αŠα‹

denise ellis says:

Help!! I need help, I am unable to view this video on my laptop, when I am excising in the outdoor pool. I placed the laptop on a chair, but the screen is so dark I am unable to see the instructor. Can someone help me, please?

Ekta Daga says:

Love all your tutorials….love from India

Kathy Knoeppel says:

Hi Stacy! What level of work out is this? I am trying to determine about what level I am. Also, I can't believe I am asking this but — can you make another one but a bit harder? Thank you for all the great videos!

Emanuel Malanji says:

Wow great work

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