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These knee exercises are more advanced (they even got me a little winded!), and they should help strengthen your knees and decrease knee pain. If they are too difficult, check out Dr. Jo’s knee pain moderate exercise video: https://youtu.be/MoVTOUtbXns

Single leg bridges are a great way to work the muscles all around your knee to help relieve knee pain. If you are not quite ready for it you can use both legs.

Squats and squats with a ball squeeze work the muscles around the knee together to keep them balanced. Make sure you are using correct form.

Using a band for sidestepping and a 4 way hip not only work your hip muscles, but they work your knee muscles as well.

Finally single leg heel raises and single leg squats are a great knee exercise, but they can be very difficult, so make sure to start by holding onto something for balance.

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7 Best Knee Pain Exercises (Advanced):

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Shoaib Butt says:

Dr Jo I'm yours biggest fan ever and I have watched your all videos and Dr I have knee problem but when I'm starting to watch your video I feel very relaxed but unfortunately, I have done a frog jump and this knee pain become started again … Ma'am I'm very depressed due to this sort of pain . Would you please suggest me some tips that how I can recover again please 😔

Echo says:

Is there a trick to get things back on track in order to to do these exercises without clicking? I totally was able to put my rib back in place once and on a separate occasion bring my shoulder joint back into alignment by following respective instructions in respective videos. Thanks so much!

2raelanae says:

Where can I get the purple pillow


I had an acl tear and it's been 4 months and till now I am feeling instability and couldn't achieve full flexion and full extension..did my acl reteared??I once fall down after 2 months of surgery.

Lisa Andersen says:

Hi Dr Jo,
Where can I pick up one of those purple pillows you’re using at the begging of this segment? Thanks!!

morpheus666 ashim says:

Awesome dr jo

Mickey Johnson says:

Dr Jo….

I really need your help.

I had meniscus surgery on my right knee. The outer meniscus. About 80 percent of it is now gone and I have "slight arthritis" because of it. I'm a basketball player and I plan on continuing to play. But my knee won't bend all the way without stiffness and moderate pain. What is the reason for this?? What can I do to get my knee back to near one hundred percent?? Why won't it bend all the way? The range of motion is so weak….

Ronald Rose says:

Dr. Jo, thank you for sharing these great exercises. I know that they will be very beneficial in my daily workout routine. 🤗

tony cat says:

Hi, you said Full squat how far did to go. half  / full .. Please show ….. thanks.

Debbie Ray says:

Love cowboy bear! As for the exercises- I will stay with ones in the other video! God bless you!

pearl says:

Whomever is reading this remember to spread as much LOVE AS POSSIBLE. Thank you hope y'all have a great life, much LOVE

Abdulfatah Ahmed says:

You help us alot

Junior Diaz says:

Hello dr. Jo i've seen your other videos and have been doing all the exercises and have helped me alot with my knee pain. My question is how long should i stretch for? And how often, like just once a day or more?

Steve Szejna says:

Howdy Bear!

Sofia Sousa Pires says:

Sleepy Bear woke up so cute!!

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