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Sources: Tom Merrick + Knees over toes guy + doctor Jo



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Studio Jibby says:

This video is a combination of stretching and exercises to do 3 times a week for stronger knees! Strengthening your knees is so important and the best way to do that is by strengthening the muscles that surround them! Cheers to happy and healthy knees!

june moore says:

So glad I found this video. I will be doing it three times a week.

Aliensteps says:

This was perfect! It’s just what I needed as a runner! Looking forward to adding this to my routine.

Wilmaa says:

Nice one! Like doing that especially before going for a run…

Pete Picciolo says:

You are a beautiful angel! Thank you for this great workout; my knees haven't felt this good in years!

Sarah Chowdhury says:

I swear PT's never give actual exercises except "rest rest rest." Thank you for giving me something I can follow along that won't take up 1 hour of my day.

Porks says:

Thanks for this, not allot of simple knee stretching videos out there for some reason but this was just what i needed!

Tereza Rybová says:

im so happy that i finally found a workout for my knees thank you

EhCanadianGirl says:

Been doing this for almost 2 weeks and I've already noticed a difference 🥰

Timothy Takemoto says:

The exercises mainly strengthen the glutes (butt/bum) muscles whuch are responsible for rotational strength of the leg which keeps our legs straight (not bow legged or knocked kneed) which prevents knee injury and knee soreness, imho.

Khadijah Muhammad says:

Thank you soooo muchhhhh!! I really needed this!!

Ivana Mijatović Viskov says:

Great workout. Defenitely recommending and forwarding to more people.

Mona Migo says:

This is such a great idea! I really enjoyed the exercises (except for the SL GBs – those always give me knee pain and my knees are doing some ungodly noises, but I guess they’re just not for me) 😁

Mia-Nelle Drøschler says:

I have been suffering from severe pain in me knees. Only after two sessions the pain is now gone, and I am now doing this video every two days. I am also doing one of your back video sessions. If you ever feel like making a video specific for lower back pain, then I am all into it. Thanks again for this great video!

Jill Harrison says:

Thank you for help in getting my knees stronger!

Marilyn says:

Çarpık bacaklıyım, acaba bu egzersizi düzenli yapsam bacaklarım düzelir mi?

Laura V says:

Thank you for this workout, really helpful!❤️

Cora AMV says:

Oh my God I needed this workout sooo bad. Thank you so much for all the great work and afford you put into every single Video. ❤️

Tomtil Lets plays says:

Fantastic workout! Really useful stuff! Absolutely loved it! Keep up the great work! 🙂

ChancyFit says:

All of theses stretches are very good plus the exercises are fantastic. I love the glute bridge!!! Thanks for sharing 👍

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