Why Common Achilles Tendonitis Treatment FAILS (and 3 exercises to do)

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Wondering why the most common achilles tendonitis treatment fails? Here are three reasons why you get it achilles tendonitis and specific exercises for each of those reasons.

3 Hidden Causes of a Strained Achilles Tendon:

How to Correct Overpronation (Fix these 3 Different Causes):

Pronated Feet and How to Fix 3 Different Causes of Overpronation:


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Justpassingthrough says:

Do you have any videos for peroneal tendonitis? I never had ankle problems before until ironically I started doing feet strengthening exercises with plantarflexion and dorsiflexion. Yesterday I had an extreme pain in my ankle and learned it was the peroneal tendonitis


I’m struggling with Achilles insertion tear since 5 months 😰 I don’t know when this will heal

Liron Marko says:

Great video!
Will that work on Insertional Achilles Tendonitis?
from my understanding its not wise to streach with Insertional Achilles Tendonitis.

spinozareader says:

Can you do these drills if the onset of the pain has been fairly recent (say, within 6-8 weeks)?
Thanks so much!

Paul ardee Delgado says:

I'm suffering 1week pain on my achilles tendon, can't walk properly, can't even do a tiptoe. Any light exercise before doing strengthen my tendon.😊

Elisa Travis says:

Why would a person with high arches have plantar fasciitis? Love your videos!

VG says:

So tibialis exercises can correct for supination or lower arches?

Can you make a video on underpronation (during run foot lands on outside while running)?

Fares Al-matari says:

I've been 2 months suffering of Achilles Tendonitis. someone kicked hard my ankle from the back on the tendon, and when I got better I started to run a little bit then when I try to run a full sprint or when I kick the ball I feel sooo muchhhh pain! in the Tibialis posterior and can't even walk for 3 days!

What should I focus on?
How long time this takes for footballers?
Is it okay to work with lifting exercises?

Patrick Dennis says:

Seems a good video but all the text or subtitles were in the way of seeing what you were doing and didn't get to see the third reason and what to do cheers Pat

Janet Shum says:

i did too much instead, too much dorsiflexion causing insertional achilles tendonitis issue!

Samraj Natarajan says:

I cant watch the video properly as the automatic captions are exactly on the space you are showing.

Abu Nation says:

I just did that dorsiflexion workout for the first time today and it was pretty difficult no lie. Hard to keep balance on them but I'm good after. Knees kinda hurt from going past toes but I'll be ok. Do you recommend doing some heel raises before or after the dorsiflexion exercise? Or should I do them on a separate day?

Albert Adjei Adjetey says:

Hello Coach! Is there any treatment for Achilles Tendinopathy where the tendon is weak ?

Hasan Jebory says:

This is the most helpful video for my Achilles tendinopathy that I’ve found yet. I’ve recently realized the reason I have it has to do with my poor dorsiflexion, my flat feet, and my week foot muscles. You covered all three in this video, and they feel effective too! Thank you so much for your help 🙂

Justin Lee says:

This is probably the A#1 content for explaining injuries and resolving them in an unconventional manner(ie: not stretching but strengthening some adjacent muscles etc.)

chiara d says:

this makes a lot of sense for me! flat arch + marathon + tiredness = achille's tendonitis, and it doesn't leave me no matter what I do. Ok, maybe now I've got something to check. Thank you so much!

wercewonderb says:

I've had 3 weeks of bad achilles tendinitis with no relief from playing basketball. I developed a constant limp in my gate. Tried static stretching, ice, and massage with little relief. After 2 days of the dorsi stretches I'm feeling so much better. 3x's a day- morning noon and night. Local tenderness and limp has gone away. I've also incorporated some stretches from the kneesovertoesguy. I now see a path to recovery. I really appreciate this video. Thank you very much.

Aziez Nugroho says:

currently it its a bit painful, should i stretch it like in the video now? or wait for it first?

Chan T says:

This makes sense! Dorsiflexion is where it hurts. My pain is in my insertional Achilles.

Califateful says:

Thanks for the tips.

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