Triceps Tendinitis | Tendinopathy | Elbow Rehab (Exercise & Strengthening Progressions)

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Struggling with pain associated with your triceps brachii? Check out this video for a comprehensive rehab plan!
Intro (0:00)
Anatomy & Function (0:14)
Diagnosis (0:45)
Load Management (2:10)
Compound Exercises (2:53)
Isolation Exercises (4:35)
Accessory Exercises (5:58)
Other Treatment (7:39)
Summary (7:54)
Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.


E3 Rehab says:

Thanks for watching! Check out the blog here:

Majumder says:

Jai siya ram sundar bhaiya!!
youtube bhaiya dekh lo e maang rahe the hum…aadha ghanta barbaad krdiye hamar.

Ajay Norris says:

Had this before and it took a few months to fully recover. For some reason i challenged myself to do 500 pishups in a day and by 200 i was doing them like sonic and not paying attention to my form. Lesson learned, dont be an idiot kids.

1One says:

why my triceps hurt when I push up and how can stones be cured fast? and I've been on resting for 2-3 weeks, is that okay? Is my rest enough for me to go back to workout?

Aricu Nono says:

Exactly what I have. Was going to hard on the bench and tricep. First it was my left elbow and it got better after about two month then the other one went.

Damien Holland says:

I caused this with all those bar dips and pushups. Didn't realize it until it was too late. Then came the tip of the elbow pain (from about the tip to about an inch or so below it). I think the dips are definitely the biggest reason. What's interesting is that I adjusted to it in the same manner videos like this one are suggesting: Being more careful about the load being placed on the tricep when doing my exercises, doing my exercises slower, changing the angle.

stephanie miot says:

Amazing content brother. Good information and you don’t sound like a robot, I actually enjoyed listening to you.

German Oller says:

Thank you Sir, very useful information.

Infant Gerald says:

Thank you so much 🙂

Maarten De Groote says:

This was honestly very helpful, thank you.

Steksii HD says:

is it essential to built in single joint exercises? didnt really get this point during the video

Hail to The_Rooster says:


I’m no stranger to physical therapy. I’ve rehabbed and stabilized plenty on my own but this symptom has been persistent.

It wasn’t until I reached a point where an increase of weight was needed for any actual gains. My shoulder started it all and after watching this it makes sense the triceps caught the tail end.

Began on the smith machine… the dumb one that’s angled. Now I know the proper technique for it but those things suck!

Chris Taylor says:

Great video, very informative, very useful.

jasen1971 says:

Great video.
I have a bone spur on my right elbow but both get swollen with associated pain. I will definitely TRI, 🙂 these movements;)

gmoney23 says:

Thanks for the info. Super helpful. I seem to have injured my right elbow playing basketball. About 6 weeks in and still not able to shoot the ball without discomfort. will incorporate your suggestions as part of recovery and hoping I can get back on the court soon

tank2003 says:

My issue appears to be Tendinopathy, but its just in my left elbow and ONLY when i'm doing overhead exercises (so when the tricep is at full stretch) like DB tri extensions. Overhead cable entensions dont bother me AS MUCH, but are still aggravating though. Perhaps it should be noted that I was a server for YEARS and carried trays, tables, kegs etc with my left arm (non-dominant) so its more developed and stronger so my mind muscle connection is better to my entire upper left side. Also, I have C6 stenosis stat effects my right hand more but on radiological imaging, is shows that the arthritis is worse on the left (go figure). If you or anyone has any wisdom, i am more than willing ot listen. I have a B.S. in Exercise physiology so i have a major leg up on the average joe, but nothing ive done has helped (NSAIDS, steroid pack (well, it did help for a while), ice massage, stretching, rest, compression sleeve, slowed the tempo down, light weight/higher reps and other stuff). I just dont know what to do anymore. It hasnt stopped my tricep training since its JUST overhead exercises that are the problem but i'd like to nip this in the bud.

2nd thing i should mention. Ive had ongoing brachioradialis issues the past few years too. Both arms. Steroid packs a few times, stretching, massage, nsaids etc. Could the 2 issues be linked?

Axilleas Kazuya says:

If I can do some tricep work, on my left arm, it's still functioning but it's much weaker, how do I know I need a surgery or not, and if it's a partial tear can it repaired by rehab?

Matt says:

Great video thanks, the supine DB shoulder flexion (isnt it extension?) feels like its helping a lot… how often would you recommend doing these exercises?

The Blunderkegs says:

this is an AMAZING video, im going to try it out at the gym today. THANK YOU

Jp G says:

Guys y'all are some of the best on the internet. Thank y'all

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