Senior Fitness – Resistance Band Exercises Full Body Workout

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In this session, we are incorporating more resistance band routines into our exercise.

Resistance bands come in many weights of resistance so only use a band that you are comfortable with. If a lighter weight works better for you than always choose your comfort level.

We’re doing a full body workout today which helps with all areas of the body. We put a lot of stress and strain on our bodies throughout the week and working with resistance in our workouts helps with strengthening areas that we use the most.

Arms, legs, core, shoulders etc. are all places we can strengthen with resistance bands and not to mention, they’re fun to use!

Remember to drink lots of water, breathe and take your time with your comfort level.

Have a great workout!


Suggested for this workout:
TheraBand Resistance Bands Set –


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Senior Fitness With Meredith says:

Thank you for watching! Please let us know in the comments what you would like to see more of from us either in workouts or health and wellness. As always you can find us here: Thank You! – Meredith

Adora Larson says:

I truly enjoy your resistance bands & dumbbell weight exercises for seniors. Thank you for these videos!

Leila Hobeika says:

Hi great exercises for the whole body l have a simple demand l can t see how you sit on the chair when you say go back on your chair can you shiw us or explain more how we should sit thank you

Dimitra Page says:

Thank you for the exercise I like that

Dimitra Page says:

I like this exercise the stretch band it is wonderful thank you

Hera Kashmeri says:

Seems just what I was looking for, to gradually work at muscle building. I have shoulder impingement, & bursitis that mainly affects my mobility of my R. Shoulder & arm. Have been picking up randomly exercises, on YouTube, unfortunately nothing that I could corporate as a daily workout, that would motivate me daily to pursue. Thank you.

Denise Dunn says:

Helpful exercises.

lpnaylor says:

I’m so glad to have found you. I’m 51, but have numerous health issues that keep me from doing “traditional” workouts. I love all the video options and can’t wait to start tomorrow!

Dave Pullen says:

great work out will be back monday wed friday nice instruction

Frederik Michale says:

I was looking for some exercises for my mom who is slowly getting old (60) and needs to start doing some light exercise. Thanks for the tips! She can start out with 5 minutes a day because she can do it at home (no excuses) and I believe she will build a habit. Also, your videos are nice, you are very cute and you have positive vibes, thank you for doing this.

Joan Burr-Salzman says:

Thank you for the complete band workout! I am close to 80 so a good way to get in shape and stay there.

David Imrie says:

I have to be careful thanks to arthritis in my knee and spine. It's a slow, steady recovery. Thanks for this, recently purchased a strong rubber band which works well here.

Marcia Jenkins says:

I recently purchased resistance bands and needed a good workout. This video was perfect for this beginner. Thank you for your commitment to helping us stay fit.

Marjorie Benjamin says:

Thanks you very much i will do this exercise again 💪

Ruth Henry says:

Bless you!!!!!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💗💗💗

Lu K says:

any clue how many calories this burns?

cardisue says:

Hi Meredith. I'm 54 and have, a, serious heart condition. I'm new to resistance bands but your instructions are so easy to understand and follow. Your workouts are just the gentle exercise I need for those tired days. Keep up the good work x

Cheryl Vardy says:

Thank you for the free videos. This pandemic has really impacted on 60+ age group as it's been nearly 2 years of not being able to move freely within Australia especially. Due to mask wearing & other limitations in this country particularly so many of us have been sedentary and the end result is massive muscle loss & weight gain. Have done the well with dropping the excess weight but getting active again is so difficult

Katerina Papadopoulou says:

I'm really grateful for your videos. After a total knee replacement surgery six months ago and at home mostly because of the Covid pandemic, I had difficulty in finding a workout for the whole body that I could follow till the end. Now I can do almost everything and I keep feeling better and stronger day after day. Thank you, you're a great instructor and an amazing person!

Phillip Marshall says:

What is your ig tag.

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